Submitted by DC on Sun, 08/25/2019 - 15:59

Folks, it just doesn't get any funnier than this.  Back in 2011, Michael Mann, famous for getting exposed from an email hack that showed scientists actively falsifying temperature data to fit the narrative of their scam, filed a defamation suit against Tim Ball, a Canadian free thinker who knows the entire global warming movement is a scam.  A day or so ago, the lawsuit was tossed because Michael Mann could not produce documents.

In Mann's response (in the link) he blames the dismissal on himself, because he took to long to produce documents.  The case has only been ongoing for nine years.  I guess is snuck up on him.

I remember when ClimateGate broke.  I thought for sure it was the end of the global warming scam, but it's been going strong ever since.  With that much money sloshing around, academic and political corruption at a global level, and millions of useful idiots with depressed critical thinking abilities, it's been the largest 

This isn't the first lawsuit against Tim Ball that's been dismissed.

Events like these dismissals are more damaging to the scam than they used to be.  Media and news travels at light speed, and people are less inclined to buy the idiocy sold by propagandists with decades of failed lies and predictions that never came true.