Massive Parler hack - ALL USER DATA stolen by leftist cybercriminals

Submitted by DC on Mon, 01/11/2021 - 07:23

If you ignored us sane people who were telling you how horribly unsecure Parler was, your personal information is now in the hands of leftist hackers who are giddy to use it for doxxing.

Did you send pics of your drivers license to get verified?  Did you give up your phone number?  Email?  A group of leftist hackers now own all of it.  This even includes your deleted posts.

Remember when Ron Watkins brought up security issues with Dan Bongino?  Remember when Bongino went off on Watkins and started insulting him and calling him a liar?  You may want to let Bongino know how you feel.

The data was being siphoned before Parler was kicked off AWS, so the hack has nothing to do with Parler going down.

Bongino, Matze, and the other gaggle of clowns will try to divert and make it seem like someone else is at fault.  THAT'S A LIE.  They were hacked because they did not care about security or your data.  It's like saying the carjacker is to blame for stealing your baby who you left in the car running while you went into the store.  Yes, they committed the crime, but it was because of your negligence.

Don't let them divert blame from themselves.


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