Submitted by DC on Mon, 04/08/2019 - 15:16

We don't post social justice related stuff on this site because it's stupid, it's not real, and there's plenty of other sites that do.  However, with the Democrat candidates pushing the idea of reparations, a quick post seemed relevant.

For as long as I can remember Democrats try to paint Republicans as racist.  I've never been able to understand why but it's just the way it's always been.  By now, you know about the Democrats' history of the KKK, so the irony always looms.

To the leftists: us normal people (conservatives) don't care about your race crap because it's not real.

Those of us who participate in society know that blacks and whites don't like crappy culture.  Blackies don't like the ghetto culture where they barely keep their pants above their privates and speak in some undecipherable broken language any more than us whities like some inbred with literally no space between their eyes and short a few teeth while wearing a T-shirt with Kool-aid stains and surrounded by a pack of barefoot kids with lice and rickets, also speaking some undecipherable broken language.

With crappy culture there's a common factor: gubmit' welfare, which requires theft from productive blacks and whites alike.

Keep your stupid politically correct crap to yourselves.  We don't refer to blacks as "African American".  I cringe when I hear conservatives say it.  Unless the black person in question is from Africa, they're black.

Leftists twist the fact of there being more whites than blacks into a narrative of oppression, and the old racist white man owns everything and holds blacks down.  That's not true, and for the exceptions to the rule there's laws against such discrimination.

I'm speaking for conservatives in general, white and black.  We think this race crap is stupid and don't buy into it.  We're neighbors, work together, and have grown up together.  If you grew up in an all black area, or all white area, at some point you went to college, entered the workforce, or entered the military and assimilated.

For those that are truly racist and really don't like people of other races, who cares?  It's a free country and people are free to be assholes.  If they don't infringe upon your life, liberty, or property, you're a loser if you pretend it bothers you.

Us normal people choose not to participate in your fake narrative of racism.  There is no race problem in this country, not by a long shot.

In white suburban areas, whites go almost out of their way to overcompensate to make blacks feel welcome knowing they were the minority.  The same for the black areas.  I was a real estate investor for years and I've bought many-a-property in predominately black areas.  Blacks always went out of their way to make me feel welcome knowing I was a minority.

I've seen it and experienced for years, over and over again to know it's true.  It may be that I have more of a unique perspective being around the block more than any of these whitebread libtards who push the racist narrative so I'm immune to it, but I think most people with jobs and who are productive in society agree.

Whites and blacks like to make fun of each other.  Everyone likes to make fun of each others' race.  It builds character and comradery, and if that offends you then quit being a soy-boy pussy.

When we move to the suburbs, it's not racism.  We just don't like crime and trashy areas where crackheads ask you for the time every five minutes.  When we don't want the transit system to expand, it's not racism; it's us not wanting to be another node on a crime distribution network.  Everyone knows it whether they pretend it's true or not.

Many I'm sure will disagree with this, but that doesn't mean they're not wrong.  There are some areas that are little powder kegs, but it's not most areas.  In any case, leftist push this false narrative, and if you buy into it, you're a fool.


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