Let's Catch Up

Sorry, dear reader for not having posted anything in a while. I just wasn't feeling it. I like to inject a little bit of humor and humanity into my pieces but the left has the ability to overwhelm one with it's constant onslaught of stupidity, hypocrisy and more stupidity....and even more hatred.

But soft, let's examine what destruction progressivenism has wrought the democrat party and what good fortune they have thrust upon the republicans.

Sadly another lunatic got his hands on a gun. The left has done the usual, even before the first body hit the ground. I'll be the first to demand the repeal of the second amendment if any of these clueless schmucks can articulate why no one ever attacked a police station or an army base. I'll be here all day.

Words are bad. They can trigger a person to run into a closet full of puppies or demand they not have to take a final exam. President Trump called MS 13 gang members animals. "people" who torture, decapitate and burn actual humans are now being defended by the democrats because the president used mean words. That's right folks, members of congress such as the always erudite Nancy Pelosi piled on the president for being a big meanie to even bigger meanies. Aside from putting illegal aliens ahead of Americans and pledging to raise taxes they are also now defending gangs. Are they aware gang members don't usually vote?

North Korea: Small country run by an even smaller man. He's got great hair though. Trump took Kim jr. head on. First via Twitter and the left went into hyper hysterics predicting armageddon. Very dramatic. Unfortunately for them nothing dramatically happened. The left was distraught.

Fast forward a few weeks and North Korea releases three American prisoners. At this point the left is looking like it's favorite pet just died. But then suddenly, dramatically lil' Kim did what he always does and bark from the porch. And the left lept in the air as if Hillary Clinton actually went away. Kim and company are doing the usual and the democrats are gleefully declaring the upcoming summit DOA. Nothing says democrat like rooting for a nuclear holocaust.

Is abortion the new religion for the left? If so that makes Nancy Pelosi the Jim Jones in Botox laced drag. Nothing says democrat like killing babies. The democrats have gone so far left as to make abortion a litmus test for being a democrat. The left's thirst for killing babies is so great they are willing to sacrifice future voters. In fact they are so confident they have the illegal alien vote locked up they are completely happy to let the black population abort and shoot itself into extinction. Attention African American's, you are no longer needed by the democrat party and will be barely tolerated. Margret Sanger would not be happy. The democrats quit them before they finished the job.

I'll end this with a few thoughts on the recent elections. Blue wave! Squawked Democrats and the media. Don Lemon actually brought pom poms to the studio and Rachel Maddow finally had what she thought was an orgasm but was actually just the hiccups. Now who can blame them? The democrats won New York and New Jersey and they celebrated. It was historic. Like the Harlem Globetrotters beating the Washington Generals. No one saw that coming. Of course there was Alabama and Roy Moore. Even without all the allegations he was a bit of a lunatic that was hard to figure out. It didn't matter. The democrats were so desperate for a win they would take anything. Even Hillary if she could find time between sucking millions out of the DNC, making excuses for losing and falling down more often than Keith Richards at a cocaine buffet. You don't claim a championship is imminent when your team begins the season with a few victories over the Baltimore Orioles.


- boo