Submitted by The Boo Man on Thu, 12/19/2019 - 00:32

Well perhaps more of a quasi dictatorship. Thank god for that whole checks and balances thing. It's in the constitution, I think. I'm pretty sure because like holy water the constitution burns the flesh of democrats. We've been going down this road since the occasional wannabe Kenyan in mom jeans was elected.

Remember Obamacare? That thing which was touted as the greatest thing since Obama's election. The thing where they couldn't get the web site work? Remember that? No one wanted that and yet we got it. The democrats jammed it down our throats and then failed to make it work because web sites are hard and healthcare is complicated.  Why would they do this? Doesn't matter. It's what they wanted. It's what they demand. All power to the state

Fast forward to today. Their boot has become even more precariously close to the country's throat. Impeachment began the moment Trump won in 2016. Nancy Pelosi said so. Now, normally congress finds a crime and then impeaches. The democrats began impeachment and then spent nearly three years looking for a crime. All the while they tried to get the public onboard their train but it never left the station. No matter. Trump has to go and what the voters think and want is irrelevant. Again it's all about power to the state.  

If that is not enough just look at the current democrats running for the presidency. All of them want a massive expansion of the federal government. Whether it's Spartacus, the Asian French Stewart, the Indian, the Jew, the Hindu or the old guy who walks out of the bathroom with his robe open. The government is always the answer.

Let's keep the focus on the more Leninist of the Lenins. Horizontal Harris, Liawatha Warren and the disheveled Muppet Bernie Sanders. Each have said they will do away with private insurance. Only the dark skinned Lewinsky backtracked because she has less substance than Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile Mr. And Mrs. Vlad plow on like it's Berlin 1945. "Don't like our healthcare plan? Tough!" We expected this from Sanders because this is who he is. A loud angry hypocrite. Elizabeth Warren on the other hand was caught off guard. She thought she could win the election by promising the country she would stand outside banks and shout at them. Forced to address other issues she simply said the government would take care of it regardless of what the voters want. Costs? Who cares. It's all about the state gaining power. Will taxes go up? At least Bernie has the guts to say yes. Warren ran away like a stabbed rat. The thing is why don't the voters ever get a say in what they want? Because most voters would say "please don't raise my taxes". Doesn't matter. The state has decided what the rest of us want and how best to spend our money

There is no middle ground with Warren and Sanders. It's simply more government and less choice. Why? Well rich people and poor people. They love to say "The rich get richer while the poor get poorer". No. The rich get richer because they have the means to get richer. The poor? They either stay poor or get a little less poor thanks to democrat policies. Lack of income means government control. Wealth means no need for the government. Guess which Sanders and Warren prefer.

Kamala Harris and the creepy skateboarder declared confidently they would take your guns. Harris promised that in between fellating Willie Brown she would sign an executive order making certain guns illegal.

At this point many of you are wondering why I have not spent much time on Joe Biden. That's because he is currently in the local mall jail because he decided to bathe in the fountain.

Over the last decade the democrats have waged a war on the first amendment. The battlegrounds being college campuses and social media. They demand hate speech be illegal and they have appointed themselves the judge of what is hate speech. So far it's anything that they disagree with. Once again the democrats are forcing their views on the people.

The democrats have laid a pattern and that pattern has nothing to do with choice, freedom or the voters. It's simply "America sucks so do as we say or else." This impeachment farce is simply further proof of this. They have decided that they alone shall decide what party sits in the oval office. Just like they want to decide our healthcare and whether or not we can keep our guns.

Where do they go after negating a fair presidential election? That is what the voters fear the most.



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