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This article by Kurt Schlichter at Townhall was just excellent.

It’s clear, in retrospect, that George W. Bush’s supine acceptance of the abuse the elite heaped upon him was not because he was too classy and too decent to respond in kind. Since Obama left office and he rediscovered his vocal cords, Bush has had zero problem trashing Trump and Trump supporters who, like many of us, stood by Bush in the '00s while Bush was treading water in a sea of mediocrity. No, it’s clear that W was afraid to fight back against fellow members of the ruling class. He cared about being part of the club. Not The Donald. Trump, by fighting, demonstrates that the establishment GOPers are weak. And it eats at them.

He gets it.  It's fine to be classy and not respond to insanity when someone is screaming at you in the checkout line at the grocery store, but when you're the main target for the Marxist globalists who are trying to take over our culture and box us into submission, all the while trying to frame you for treason to justify impeachment, you represent a majority of the country and it's your duty to fight back.  We've never had that because it takes a person of great character, and now we finally have that in Trump.

This one made me laugh:

But besides providing a manly contrast to their own gimp-like submission to the leftist establishment, Trump infuriates the Never Trumpers for another reason. He’s kicked them out of their comfy sinecures. One of Trump’s magical powers is to make his enemies reveal their own grift complicity, and boy, have they ever. As a result, while once the mandarins of Conservative, Inc., traded on their insider influence and privilege, under Trump they are outsiders. Copies of the Weekly Standard used to be all over the Bush White House. Now, if its inept crew had not slammed it into an iceberg, you would be lucky to find a few pages at the bottom of Barron’s pet iguana’s cage.

Bill Kristol, Max Boot, and all the rest are nobodies, relegated to occasionally joining CNN panels and fighting with Ana Navarro over the doughnuts in the green room. Where’s Bob Corker now? Jeff Flake hasn’t even got an MSNBC gig; I think last week he was the dude who offered to supersize my order.

This article is too good not to read, and Schlichter may be my new favorite.  I'm so grateful the losers are getting flushed from the party and exposed as the submissive Marxists they are and clearly always have been.

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