Submitted by The Boo Man on Fri, 05/17/2019 - 20:35

But never know when to fold them. Democrats fascinate me. I'm a people watcher. While the wife is in Macy's trying on her 67th bra I'm wandering around the mall looking at everyone. Humans are interesting in a way that might scare off possible visitors from other galaxies.  Democrats are the reason area 51 never had to add a branch. They are so obvious and just bad at everything they do. No one is going to come to earth when we have severely balding fat congressmen eating fried chicken in congress as a response to the AG declining to attend a freak show. Sorry but a fat balding disheveled slob eating fried chicken will not draw attention to the AG. It will simply draw attention to the fat balding disheveled slob eating fried chicken.

So, Mueller. That didn't end well. If the Mueller investigation was a basket the democrats thought it was loaded with Faberge eggs because there is nothing better that nailing Trump to a tree in Vladivostok. Sadly for the democrats these Faberge eggs ended up being chocolate eggs left over after last Easter. And the Easter before. That's okay. The democrats if nothing else have great resolve which is good because they are running out of straws to grasp. According to them, all the evidence for impeachment is in the Mueller report. It's there. Russia (sort of) but obstruction! That's rather serious. And the democrats went to work because they have the goods. What did they do? Well, they didn't try to impeach. They bloviated, screamed, accused,  impugned and fund raised but they have not tried to impeach. They won't because they can't.

A lovely bit of news dropped today. The democrats in all their infantile cowardice are going to stage a sort of ad-hoc filibuster and read the Mueller report from front to back on the floor of the house. They're doing it because according to them most Americans are not aware of what is in the Mueller report. Well, they are right. Most Americans know nothing about the Mueller report and do not care. So, their solution is to read the whole report live on the house floor. Like everything else they don't see the forest for the trees. Most Americans do not watch CSPAN. So more people will watch reruns of "What's Happening" than will see this marathon of putting off the impeachment that will never happen.

The reality of this is they want the low hanging fruit and I am not talking about Elizabeth Warren's chest.  It's simply keep the idea of impeachment alive going into November 2020. Keep alive the one thing no one really cares about. It's better than cow farts.  And they wonder how Trump won. Well, they know how and why. That is why they have decided to remove Trump from office by impeachment rather than election because their candidates are only slightly less awful than that walking dalek Hillary Clinton. And yet they have not tried to impeach.

What are they waiting for? It's all in the Mueller report, according to them. He's guilty. Yet instead of doing what they say they have constitutional right to do they balk and tread water by demanding more investigations. Jerry Nads is a fraud because he won't pull his finger out and do what he says he has to do...for the American people. Anyone who actually followed the Mueller report is scratching their heads and wondering what Jerry Nads, Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell are waiting for since they have been threatening Trump for nearly three years with proof of Russian collusion. Proof that is apparently a secret. If this is true they are enabling and protecting a traitor.

The wonderful thing about Jerry Nads is that he is all over the place on the this and constantly craps on his own argument. "Trump has to be impeached for the American people" and then "We'll we'll do it if they American people want it." Really? Jerry Nads knows Trump is guilty of treason and lots of other horrible offences that make Hitler look like Jerry Mathers at a church retreat. And yet he'll leave it up to the voters who have no idea or care about the issue. If Nads knows something he should make it public and take action. He won't because he has less in his hands than when he is having a wank.

Jerry the incompetent inquisitioner also said Trump can't be impeached for things he may have done before he was president. Yes but then why does the congress need at least 10 years of Trump's tax returns? I can't figure out Jerry the incompetent. He's not going anywhere. This is the pinnacle of his career and by that I mean spending hours in front of friendly cameras every week to blame Trump for everything accept male pattern baldness. That distinction goes to the love child of Yule Brenner and Karl Rove. Jerry will never be president. He will always be a partisan douche with man boobs and yet he continues to mine new veins in pathetic politics. But he's just going in circles. He's Kenny Rogers on meth.

If the democrats have the goods on Trump as they claim they should step up. If not, shut your face and get back to work trying to leninize the country.