Submitted by The Boo Man on Fri, 03/22/2019 - 21:42

Trump needs to stop trashing McCain. As awful as McCain was Trump cannot win this and the media is playing him. This week it was revealed that  it was McCain behind the dossier that started this whole Russia thing. That is big news and that should have been the president's focus in regards to the media but his insults of McCain drowned it out and the media was able to bury it by continuing to ask the president about it because sometimes he just can't help himself. Choose your fights wisely, Mr. President.

I might vote for Andrew Yang. The unknown democrat running for president. He advocates a guaranteed basic income for everyone and lots of other progressive policies I abhor and I might donate to his campaign. Why? His presidency would focus on one of the most pressing issues of this or any generation.


He has come out against circumcision. Perhaps he believes circumcision contributes to global warming. I don't know. However what I do know is I want to see congress take up this issue. I want to see democrat after democrat get up and make speeches about penises. Who would not howl with amusement at the spectacle of Bernie Sanders waving that creepy finger and raging about millionaires and billionaires who don't have to get their tadger trimmed because money. Kristen Gillibrand would be for circumcision before she was against it and Spartacus Erectacus would outdo everyone and demand reparations for every man who was circumcised without their consent. If Andrew Yang wants to be the country's shmeckle protector I say YOU GO GUY!

Democrats should stay away from social media. The 2020 Cirque des insensé has been trying desperately to take advantage of it but they just can't get the hang of it. It makes sense for politicians to use social media. It allows them to get their message out and it allows them to connect with millennials. It's backfired worse than the GND. Betto live streamed his dental appointment. Elizabeth Warren uncomfortably nearly deep throated a beer because she's your average Joe and most recently Kristen Gillibrand found it necessarily to show us her workout because that's what voters want. Now, to her credit she has some guns. The rest of her is empty and shallow.

They're trying to be something they are not. And it's just creepy. Every adult wants to be cool but no one is cool after 40. These democrats have redefined awkward. Sort of like your dad wearing skinny jeans and a man bun and hanging out at the mall with his accountant friends.

One more thing. There are few things the right and the left will agree on and I think I found one. If when you were a teenager you took your mom to the theater to see a porno, when you are running for president you tell no one. This should be obvious. To the governor of Colorado not so much.  Of course no one heard him say this because no one knows who he is. Even in Colorado.


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