Jack Dorsey, Tim Pool, and Vijaya Gadde on JRE

How ironic is it that lefties like Pool and Rogan are leading the charge for fair and open discourse on social media, specifically Twitter.  It shows the vast divide on the left when two hard-left people who happen to promote the First Amendment and Second Amendment are considered radical right wingers by other lefties.

When Dorsey was on Rogan's show previously, I was certain we'd never hear from him again and the moment was lost.  The show got ratio'd back to the stone ages, and Rogan was overly apologetic for letting Dorsey slide.  He said Dorsey offered to come on again, but I wasn't counting on it.  He had Pool on shortly after to talk about the Dorsey show and to enlighten him (Rogan) on how social media is killing public discourse and banning conservatives.

I like Pool, because he's sane and objective enough to recognize conservatives are unfairly censored on social media.  He's worked in digital media (Vice, Fusion) and stays on top of the latest with content creators.  After I saw Pool on Rogan, I thought it would be great if and when Dorsey returned, Tim Pool was there to represent us and take it to him.

That's exactly what Rogan did, and Pool did a fantastic job hammering Gadde and Dorsey.  I must say, I was left with a more positive feeling about Twitter and was left with the impression they're somewhat serious about making it better.  I thought the jury concept was interesting, and looking into offices in rural areas to take them out of the bubble.  I was also glad to learn Dorsey grew up in Missouri, and has a Republican dad, so he's at least been exposed to Americans.

The podcast was over 3 hours, but very interesting if you're following the social media war against conservatives.  I'm not one to critique the one who's doing, but Pool didn't bring up shadow-banning, but that's OK.  They covered a lot of ground, and I can sleep a little better knowing the top execs at Twitter are familiar with our perspective, and that they're actively working on solutions.  Pool closed with a more pessimistic perspective, but I have a little more optimism than I've had over the past few months.

I'm not holding my breath, but at least Dorsey is making the rounds and talking about it.  I can't imagine clowns like Zuckerberg or Pichai doing that.