Submitted by The Boo Man on Mon, 05/27/2019 - 22:43

"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely"

That might be the most accurate quote regarding our politicians since "it depends on what the definition of "is" is. They exist to accumulate power. We have literally been hypnotized into believing our representatives put us first and themselves second. Yes there are some who are truly there to represent us but most of them could care less. The GOP have the RINOS which have been methodically weeded out over the last decade and the democrats who embrace this sort of self indulgent power grab.

Let's take some of our stalwart candidates as an example.  Bernie Sanders, Spartacus, Joe Biden and the newest member to the circus, Bill De Blasio . There are others but you will get the point. They are running to, according to them to right many wrongs and take us to that Utopia that only exists in North Korean propaganda videos. They are going to fix everything by spending more money than exists on the planet. Presidents can't do that. That is the job of the legislature. You know, where these parasites came from. So the question is why didn't they try to solve these problems while in Congress?

Bernie Sanders has been in congress so long I think he is mentioned in the bible. Something about taxing anyone with a large boat 45 shekels per year. 65 shekels if it's raining. He's been raging against basically everything his whole life. Waving that creepy finger while screaming about healthcare, student debt, millionaires and billionaires and wealth disparity. Well, this disheveled muppet  has had more than two decades to address these issues but he was content to be a back bencher and collect his six figure salary and be angry he can't make more being a lazy backbencher. Now, the anti millionaire is in fact a millionaire.

The same goes for the others. Spartacus was mayor of Newark. Newark is the toilet of the US. It's horrible in every way. He is not to blame for what it is but for not doing anything about it. Fixing Newark's problems were never the plan. Newark was simply a stop on his way to Washington. Joe Biden has been in congress longer than Comrade Sanders And has accomplished more when it comes to being on the wrong side of history. He's a lifer who has pathetic visions of grandeur. Imagine the international hair Joe could sniff if he were president.

And then there is Bill Deblasio. Good old Bill. Bernie Sanders with better hair and more dangerous. Commie Bill has achieved what Bernie and the rest of the lot would have done and will do if given the chance. Bill Deblasio has returned New York back into the sad, depressing, desperate garbage strewn hell it was when Rudy Guiliani stepped into the picture. New York was pretty damn good until Bill decided he wanted to be president. He broke NY by doing nothing aside from planning his future failed presidential run. Now  he has successfully returned the Big Apple to the days of Kurt Russell and Charles Bronson

These political halfwits never succeeded in solving any problems when they had the chance because their eye was on the bigger picture. Being president of the United States or if you're Bernie Sanders the premier of the Socialist States of the America. A president has better chance of getting things done in congress than when they are in the oval office. The same goes for former mayors, prosecutors and governors. Those running to save the country from Trump never tried to save their districts, towns and states from anything. The American people are a political stepping stone.

This is one of the many reasons the political class hates President Trump. He's not one of them. Yeah he's an "elite" in terms of fame and wealth but other than that he's everything the elites hate.  He's not the proverbial bull in the china shop he's the bull in the china shop who has got some money and wants to buy some mugs. Meanwhile the staff is sneering at him for not knowing what a salad fork is. The thing is Trump does not care. He has his steak well done and smothered in ketchup but his toilet is made of gold. They can't figure him out. He's rich and the rich are supposed to be one of them. This just won't do. We simply cannot have someone who loves the country being president. Joe Biden wants to be president because it befits his ego. Bernie Sanders spent most of his congressional career hiding in the congressional cloakroom. Desperately avoiding work. This of course ended when he realized he could finally get rich without any effort at all and possibly become the new age Stalin of the greatest and most powerful country that ever existed.

Barack Obama is considered by the left as a god. The greatest president ever. They have to. He's kind of dark skinned so he's a shoe-in for greatest everything. As president his greatest accomplishment was putting his boot on the throat of the economy.  Other than that nothing got better. Not even his rhetoric after he was sworn in. Obama spent two years in congress doing nothing but plotting his run for the white house which led to his post political career making millions of dollars running his mouth and writing books. He's now worth tens of millions of dollars. Meanwhile millions of Americans are finally going back to work thanks to Trump. Imagine having to wait for a job until the president left office. Barry doesn't care because it was never about the people. It was always about him and his perpetually unsatisfied and miserable wife. For the first time Michelle Obama was proud to be American because she got America to pay for her lavish vacations.  Barry spent eight years railing against capitalism and has now raked in tens of millions thanks to capitalism. At some point has Barry made enough money? Barry doesn't think so. President mom jeans has never cared about his party or his country. I'm Sensing a pattern.