Submitted by The Boo Man on Sat, 01/25/2020 - 20:59

How do I describe this thus far? The democrats did not sail the Titanic into the iceberg. They boarded the Titanic after it sank. However they did it to a soundtrack of smooth jazz and elevator music. It was more boring than the last democrat debate. We the people whom the democrats are trying to save from the evil Trump have subjected us to  four of he said she said, second hand information, Russia, opinion pieces and accusations of treason.  

Day one was a treat. Seven incredibly unlikable people saying the exact same thing. They need more witnesses and documents even though they claim the house did it's job and the evidence they have collected was enough to impeach and remove the president.

Zoe Lofgren, leftist from California and future star of the Discovery channel show "Oompa Loompa Leftist Makeover" mumbled for what seemed like six months about the need for the senate to do the house's job which is that pesky subpoena thing. And then admitted the house actually did it's job. Her blood sugar must have been running low or she's dumber than soup.

Jerry Nads simply waddled up to the podium and threw a Zoe Lofgren sized tantrum. His sweatiness wagged a bacon greased finger and warned that anyone who does not vote for subpoenas is a traitor. That's right, Jerry Nads believes that if the senate does not do what he and the house refused to do are traitors. Pat Cipilone bitch slapped him into next week and would have slapped him into a weight watchers program if justice Roberts didn't intervene. Order was restored until Adam Schiff lied and regurgitated an NBC story about GOP heads on pikes if they didn't toe the line. I'm not sure pissing off those you need to vote your way is the best strategy. But then again it's hard to have a good strategy when you failed to collect any real evidence.

Like all lefties Jerry Nads doesn't own a dictionary. If they did they wouldn't continuously call Trump a dictator. Hey, Jerry, put down that fried twinkie and listen. If President Trump was a dictator you would be out of a job because there would be no congress and no SCOTUS. And anyone who criticized Trump would be in jail. That's what dictators do you Crisco laden hack. You and the rest of your communist cronies in congress and the media would be in jail right now.

Then there was Val Dennings. Basically a less loud Ayanna Pressely. They both talk a lot but never say anything. Val Demmings spent her time...oh, who cares. She said less than Hakeem Jeffries.  He's the wannabe Cory Booker of the house. A dorky bumbling halfwit who calls the President a Klansmen every six minutes because he doesn't have anything else to say. Jeffries is so insignificant his mother forgot she had him. And there he was droning on and on about the exact same thing Val, Nads and Zoe were ordered to complain about. Basically nothing because their arguments cancel each other out.

So what is their argument? Apparently it's they need more time to put together an argument even though they claim they have an argument strong enough to impeach and remove Trump from office. And, anyone who does not agree with their argument is a traitor. I understand why they wanted the senate to do the houses' work and find an additional argument because their original argument has less spine than Bernie Sanders. Sanders is so weak every night the CPUSA folds him up and puts him in a cupboard next to their copies of "The Workers Illustrated" and "Proletariat Pin-Ups"

By day three Adam Schiff who is quite possibly more boring than the color mauve was spending most of his time talking about Russian collusion and referencing the Mueller report. Neither of which are mentioned in either of the articles of impeachment. In Schiff's eyes Russia is a threat not seen since 1962. Russians are everywhere and they are killing Ukrainians every week (you'd think the media would be covering this mass murdering of Ukrainians). This partisan prick hyperventilated that if we don't fight them there we will have to fight them here. Is there a war happening that I was not told about? He also made the argument that Russia is why we must keep a massive influence in Europe. As if a country with an economy on par with South Korea's and a population a fraction of the size of the rest of the continent is going to invade. Apparently if we withhold aid to the Ukraine Russia will invade Spain or something.

The best way to describe the democrats argument is lite beer. This was on display during the entire 24 hours they were allotted to make their case. If you want to convince a jury of something you can't use words like "assume" and "presume". That is what every witness did during the house hearings. These clips were shown this week and the democrats themselves said the same thing. They want to impeach the president based on what they think the president meant in conversations they never themselves heard. They claim Trump is guilty of extortion but they never presented a victim.

So, no direct witnesses, no direct testimony and no victim. But most damaging to the democrats argument is no established intent. I guess that is why Schiff relied on scare tactics. Trump must be removed from office because he is sure to steal another election. Another? Oh yeah, that Russia thing. I wonder if Schiff asked Jerry Nads if he brought along any evidence of that. Maybe they dropped it on the way to the senate although I don't know where they got it from. It certainly wasn't in the Mueller report.

I don't know what the defense team will do for the rest of the trial but they completely buried the democrats arguments in two hours. When you have facts on your side you don't need to act like a democrat.




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