Submitted by The Boo Man on Wed, 02/05/2020 - 01:31

Wow. The party that can't run a bath, build a web site, find an elephant in a foot locker or win an election they rigged can now add "count votes" to that list. All they had to do is count votes. You know, basic math and yet the party of the brightest of the bright failed harder than Michael Moore on Weight Watchers.

Hang on folks because this is the democrat party we are talking about and they are layers of incompetence and those layers are interspersed with incompetent excuses for their the incompetence. Spoiler alert, most of those excuses are racism and Trump.

Now anyone with half a brain in the Iowa democrat party would have (you would think) realized that after 3 years of accusing the president of stealing an election and nearly three weeks of Adam Schiff warning the country Trump would corrupt the 2020 election that they should make sure nothing goes wrong with their caucus. Well right on cue as if this is a Mel Brooks film the democrats corrupted their own election.  Stop worrying about Russians under the bed and start worrying about things you know nothing about. Like math and the constitution.

Of course being democrats they had to pile on their hamhandeness and do what they do best. Blame people. So they did what they always do and cry racism. The first thing the media noticed is not that the democrats can't count votes but that Iowa is 93 percent white.  So using their logic the reason why the app failed is because Iowa is mostly white. That's right Iowans, you subconsciously broke the app because you hate black people! Shout out to CNN for that lame yet obvious response.  Iowans just wanted to vote. Now they are part of some nefarious supremacist plan to nullify the votes of white people in predominantly white states because they hate black people. Sounds like the script to a film Federico Fellini should have made.

So, The democrats can't count and they blame Iowa because Iowa is racist or something. I have to ask, did the Iowa democrat party hire the same people that built the Obamacare web site? And, what makes this even more delicious is they did all this in the middle of losing the impeachment. On Wednesday President Trump will be acquitted by the senate ending three years of democrat futility and voter apathy. Jerry, Nancy and Adam hoped to keep the impeachment stigma on the the front page for as long as possible to damage Trump going in to November. Yeah well the Iowa thing just buried impeachment. Now we have weeks of who knew what and which campaign was targeted. If they're lucky they will have this thing settled by Super Tuesday.

Lord knows how they will handle counting votes for multiple states. Cheer up, democrats. I'm sure there is an app for that.



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