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"It wasn't supposed to be like this" the democrats say to themselves as often as they call President Trump a Nazi. Their world was supposed to have changed for good in 2008 when Barrack Obama ascended to the white house and was lionized, immortalized and eventually canonized. This was their moment. The democrat party would rise to power for the last time and reign supreme across the globe for centuries. The Grand Old Party would be grand no more. Relegated to the backwaters of the political landscape. Finally, they could put the hammer down on the Socialist Express, blow through the moderate stations through the Midwest and come to a full stop in Karl Marx square. Watch your step getting off. All transfers have been canceled.

It was not to be.

Something happened. They were smacked in the face with reality's nuts. America likes democrats until they want to take away it's freedom. Then, America runs away from them faster than Michael Moore waddles from a salad. If the democrats are anything it's consistent. In this case they are consistently oblivious to the desires of the American people. They didn't offer us Obamacare. They forced it upon us, decororated it in flowery lies and called us racists if we rejected it. The entire Obama presidency was jamming things down our throats and then calling us racist rednecks if we didn't say "please, sir may I have some more?". The end result was obvious. A ballot box bloodbath. The democrats never saw it coming. They never do. Even if equipped with a map, a compass, GPS and some wise men they never ever see the obvious. And this is mainly because arrogance and the deep belief that they know better and no one could ever be against the sort of coerced government mandated utopia they espouse.

So, 2016 was a total shock to the democrats. They had no idea their patented combination of condescension, elitism and hatred for anyone with a differing viewpoint would not win elections. Especially when they ran the least elect able person since John Gacy. They never saw it coming but it was the last plastic straw. A thousand plus losses over two terms and then the presidency in 2016 set off a slow motion detonation of a democrat nuclear weapon aimed at everyone not prostrating themselves at the feet of the DNC. Their socialist Utopia never happened and now it is payback time.

There is a lot of them. Millions. Tens of millions. That may sound impressive but we're a country of over 320 million. Still, they control the media, the schools. Now they want revenge. They're marching toward us and the only thing that separates us is the constitution, the rule of law and a lot of police. They're angry and they will not stop until they take us down. However they have run out of ideas, excuses and talking points. If it wasn't for the constant threat of violence it would be funny. Actually it kinda is because all you have to do to defeat a horde of raving socialists is use gender specific pronouns. If a gang of knife wielding commies comes at you just say "hi, guys". They'll be inconsolable for weeks.

The point is they've totally lost the plot. they run out of everything except hate. This past week was a doozy. First off we have Julian Carto's bearded halfwit brother Joaquin doxing Trump donors in Texas. You remember Julian, he promised abortion equality for men. Well, the obvious has happened. The donors are getting threatening phone calls and at least one MSNBC contributor, a rather unimpressive looking oompa loompa with an afro, Elie Mystal literally called for pitchforks and torches outside these donors' homes. That's right, they are so far gone they are publicly advocating for violence against those who do not support their candidates and their media buddies are fine with it. As always the stunt poomeranged and smacked the bearded halfwit square in the nuts. Some of those he doxed also donated to democrats including his brother. I bet they won't be donating to democrats any time soon. There are many words to describe republicans but vengeful is not one of them.

Hold on, readers, the week just gets better. Once again on MSNBC they had a contributor who out did Afro Oompa. A former FBI lackey had this to say...seriously. “The president says that we will fly our flags at half-mast until August  8, that’s 8/8. Now I’m not going to imply that he did this deliberately, but I am using it as an example of the ignorance of the adversary that’s being demonstrated by the White House,”Figliuzzi continued. “The numbers 8/8 are very significant in the neo-Nazi and the white supremacy movement. Why? Because the letter ‘H’ is the eighth letter of the alphabet, and to them, the numbers 8/8 stand for ‘Heil Hitler.". So, once again Trump is sending subliminal messages to the racists in the country. This time cloaked in a calendar. Normal people are witnessing this and asking their significant others "I'm awake, right? This is actually happening?"

This past week is also the week the democrats socialists communists decided that the only strategy that can possibly beat Trump next year is outright calling him a white supremacist. Good luck with that because they have been calling every non democrat a racist for 20 years. Everyone who actually believes this crap hasn't voted for a republican in decades, if ever and won't be in the future. It's not going to work. It won't change anything. After all, that's what the people tuning into the primary debates remember. Russia! Hitler! Racism! Everyone else watching these debates is thinking "Oh shit. We're fucked".

So, now we have everyone who desperately wants to be Der Kommissar calling the president a racist we can sit back and watch the vacuous hacks try and out outrage each other. My money is on Spartacus and Kristen Gillibrand. There has never been two people less authentic and believable than those two future MSNBC hosts. It's all about emotion because the facts simply kill them. Run their policies past an accountant and that poor accountant will throw himself off a bridge The problem for them is no one blessed with the gift of independent thought takes them seriously. You simply can't make everything free and the president a racist, fascist and a Russian, all at the same time. Eventually it becomes the Mel Brooks film Brooks never made.

Nevertheless they sail on. They're now grounded in Baltimore's inner harbor and boy did President Trump score bigly. A grand slam, hole in one, no hitter and a shut out in one tweet. Elijah Cummings never saw it coming and he can't hide from it. This is where the president marked the distinction between the conservatives and the leftists. The president is holding a congressman accountable to his district. There is little if any accountability in Washington. They get elected, leave for DC and only return for a day or two during election time. The result as we know is Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and Baltimore.  The president told the truth and the media and the 2020 politburo immediately screamed Racist! They had nothing aside from the fact the president used the word "infestation". Apparently that's a racist word but I never see Al Sharpton outside the local Orkin office.

The Baltimore kerfuffle left the left looking completely impotent. And they are. Baltimore is a hell hole but we are not supposed to say that because race and stuff. However while the democrats whined about Trump hurting their feeling actual real Americans went to Baltimore and did what Elijah Cummings and Maryland democrats could not do for decades. Simply pick up trash. Tens of billions of dollars have been granted to Baltimore and none of it went to the simplest of things. Picking up trash.

Well we all know the saying, "those that can, do. Those that can't scream racism".  Conservatives descended on Baltimore with one thing in mind. Do good. The left also had one thing in mind. "Oh. shit, they're on to us". Yeah, we have been for a few decades you pandering parasites. So, what happened in Baltimore? The conservatives removed tons of trash and the liberals sat on the sidelines watching and saying "You're racist. You're  racist, You're still a racist. Trump is a racist....Don't forget the old washing maching over there...but you're still a racist. We hate you and you're  racist for doing this..". Conservatives get things done and democrats get talking points. Things get done for the win.

To finish the week with a bang MSNBC had big plans. Beastly looking gay basher Joy Reid is spouting the conspiracy that Attorney General Bill Barr had Jeffrey Epstien murdered. I'm assuming to protect Donald Trump. And not to be done Joe Scarborough and his hair guessed it Russia. Somehow Vladimir Putin snuck into the jail unseen, on a horse, shirtless and killed Epstien and made it look like a suicide. He's a clever commie.

Mitch McConnell fractured his shoulder last week. A result of a fall at his home in Kentucky. I know you are all thinking the same thing. "I didn't know turtles had shoulders". And, for the more cynical among us no, he was not attacked by Chuck Schumer. Anyway the very same people calling  Trump out for saying mean things surrounded his hous and threatened to stab him in the heart. That's okay because they have good intentions. I mean not the heart stabbing thing but making America into a socialist utopia. Trump is fanning the flames of racism because he wants to deport people who came here illegally but threatening a senator is okay? The one thing all the democrats have in common is they are completely devoid of self awareness. They don't know what complete hypocrites they are when they blame the president for being devisive and then call him a racist. They never tell you why he is a racist other than that Charlottesville lie and immigration but he's a racist never the less.

Finally, the two women who have the most ear bleeding, brain numbing and skin crawling voices running for president, the fake Indian and Willie Brown's bit of stuff claim Michael Brown was murdered by the police. Not only false but...divisive. And, they know this but they don't care. These venomous sacs of hypocrisy have no choice. They're angry, they indignant and they're nuts. We the people had the audacity to not lay down when they rolled into town on a solar powered chariot carrying a halfwit half black nobody with big teeth. By the time 2017 appeared Hillary Clinton was supposed to ascend the throne in a flowery haze of hope and Ben Gay. Two terms of Clinton would complete the transition and we would be North Korea but with fatter people.

Fortunately for us and the rest of the world We've kept the hordes beyond the gate with the constitution and common sense. They can't seem to get in. They've tried Trojan horses like Barry and his Obamacare but that was just a self inflicted gunshot. Barack came, he lectured, he crashed like a stuntman on a Bond film. Remember Bill Clinton? He just came. Unfortunately when he finally went away he left his wife behind. Thankfully she never made it through the gate. So, she is forced to sit and stew with the rest of the true deplorables.

We've kept them at bay for decades and we've finally had a president that has pushed them back through placing originalists on the courts and removing crippling regulations. They've run out of ideas. They've run out of excuses and they've run out of time. They weren't able to take control before the country figured out what they represented. So, they're on the outside looking in and we are on the porch sipping bourbon giving them the finger. This is fun. This a fun time.


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