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Since before Donald Trump took the stage on election night to give his election speech there has been a question, a question hovering over Washington like Bill Clinton hovering over anything with tits that isn't Hillary. "Will she run again?" Well, based on her most recent "hey look at me!" appearance with an Obama hack I'd say she's done. Finished. Getan. Fin. In other words, Hillary. She has overstayed her welcome like that band that was popular thirty years ago but can't stop with the farewell tours. She's the REO Speedwagon of the political class.

Hillary is one of those people who doesn't know when to stop. She has no self awareness. And, to make matters worth she is surrounded by people who know she's constantly putting her swollen feet into her mouth but too scared to say anything or those that are as blind as she is because they are comfortably ensconced in the same bubble. Either way she now has both nasty feet firmly placed in her face and stick figure Huma has to wheel her into an awaiting black SUV where she can revive herself like Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in the movie "Dune".

So Tulsi. That was fun. She's a Russian asset apparently. Which makes sense. The Russians chose someone who has no chance of winning the election and hated by her own party to go to congress and then run for president so she can have absolutely no effect whatsoever on the 2020 election. Makes sense. Like Bernie Sanders explaining democratic socialism. If Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian spy then Bill Clinton never had Gonorrhea. (spoiler alert. Bill Clinton never had Gonorrhea. Only Crabs, Chlamydia and a rare Indonesian rash that affects the left testicle, causing it to look like a hung over Vincent Price).

How often can you cry Russia? About the same amount of times you can shout Bombshell! As it stands now if Trump wins in 2020 it will be because of Russia. If Tulsi Gabbard wins it will be because of Russia. At this rate the Russians don't have to interfere in the next election because the democrats are doing it for them. However the democrats in congress are acting like Russia never happened because now they have a phone call to pin on the president. Heavy stuff. Hillary never got the message. Neither did Jill Stein who isn't running or a Russian asset. Like the Soviet Union and 2016, it's all over, Captain Pantsuit. Retire to your New England Dacha and focus on Chardonnay and whatever Huma has in her pants that she wouldn't give to Carlos Danger.

No she's not running. She can't attract the big donors. She pissed off the left wing media and unless she becomes a Dalek she can't physically do it. If you are a Clinton you know you have crossed a line when MSNBC and CNN won't defend you. If she decides to hold a rally to announce her 2020 campaign she should mention there will be a coupons for seniors to eat at the Golden Corral buffet. She's gonna need all the help she can get.

The Clinton era might mercifully be over but their influence in the party will last for years and destroy them from within. The one thing the Clinton's do better than making money, avoiding prosecution and somehow not being involved in all the deaths of their friends and associates is revenge. The Clinton's are experts at revenge. I would wager a testicle that's mostly Hillary. Bill Just wants to get laid every 15 minutes and have a few quid in the bank. Hillary would kill for the presidency and she probably has. Hillary wants power and Bill wants pussy and political power offered him the pussy. Hillary couldn't compete with that and never tried to. She fingered she was the brains behind the balls. The democrats have learned from the Citrons that it is okay to destroy someone if it helps their political ambitions.

And so here we are

The Clinton's absolute disregard for the law, morals, ethics and anything decent has prompted the extreme left in the democrat party to take the Obama bull by the horns and go full throttle. President Obama was supposed to be the socialist vehicle the democrats have been waiting for. He wasn't. Like most modern leftists he came early. Everything after that was completely anti climactic.

The thing is the democrats have learned that being aggressive works. And, republicans by nature are softer than silk.  More to the point, rules don't apply to the democrat party. Mostly because they can't win based on policies so the need to do anything and every thing else to stay in power. The GOP's perpetual lack of a backbone has aided the democrats for decades.

Then along came Donald Trump. If he was to be the bull in the china shop he strapped on roller skates beforehand. The best way to describe President Trump is he is the middle finger the establishment dreaded. The Clash to the Comeys and the Sex Pistols to the Adam Schiffs. He doesn't speak in long winded professorial prose but short non indulgent phrases. He is the Ramones to the democrats Culture Club weak kneed gutless "wokeness".

However the democrats need the smear to keep the power. They have learned there are no repercussions. So smear they will because they can get away with it....aside from the ballot box. They have learned quite a lot from the Clintons but are ready for them to sail off into the political sunset. The Clintons will never do that even though they are less attractive to the voters than taxes. That's a convenient way to end this commentary. The democrats will roll over everyone Clinton style while pretending they won't raise taxes on the honey pot, the middle class all the while quietly distancing themselves from Hillary. Poofy Pete solidified his Poofy Pete platform by running away from the issue. Horizontal Harris relished the question because Tulsi Gabbard torpedoed her chances of becoming a slutty Robert Mugabe.

The debates have also shown the influence Hillary has had on the party. They now feel they can do whatever they want. Look at the fake frumpy Indian and the disheveled puppet. When question on the popularity of Medicare for All they just shrug their shoulders. "Fuck you America, I have spent my entire adult life living off you so I can control your every move and thought.".

Hillary is done but her legacy lives on.Not for being the first female-ish president but for reducing our political discourse to a gutter subsidized by Pol Pot. Democrats are proud as they are keeping her mean alive.


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