Submitted by DC on Fri, 02/21/2020 - 17:17



While we get closer to the 2020 Election, the Democratic candidates have decided to make combatting the "inherent racism" of our justice system and law enforcement agencies a key talking point. As is usually the case, they're completely wrong.

Arguments Refuted:

Foundations of Black Lives Matter: 7:23
The Trayvon Martin Shooting: 8:18
Hands Up, Don't Shoot: 10:24
Police Are Targeting and Killing Black People: 11:39
Black People Are Unfairly Harassed by Police: 13:21
Driving While Black: 15:29
Racist Mandatory Minimums: 17:32
Prisons Filled with Non-Violent Drug Offenders: 18:50
Black People Are Disproportionately Arrested for Drugs: 22:52
Black People Receive Higher Sentences for the Same Crime: 24:27
Black People Are More Likely to Be Arrested, Convicted, and Sentenced for Longer: 25:15
Predictive Policing Is Racist: 25:54
SWAT Teams Target Black Neighborhoods: 26:57


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