Submitted by The Boo Man on Fri, 10/13/2017 - 09:06

Things are just not going well for the left. First no Hillary. Then no Russians and now no more soapbox. The curtain has been torn down revealing naked hypocrisy, fake morality and an occasional naked Harvey Weinstein.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. When I say mighty I mean the narcissistic, condescending, morally superior liberal douche bags who constantly appear in the exact same political commercial telling us who to vote for every year. Now what? These ass clowns spent decades telling the country how out of touch and how morally, ethically bankrupt middle America is. They tell us who to vote for as if they are the country's moral compass. Meanwhile when they are not being smug they are busy pretending we are the problem when they are looking the other way so they can further their careers, make more money and pretend to be important.

Now that the curtain has been ripped away they are eating themselves. Dozens of "celebrities" have decided to come forward mostly because their hand has been forced. Rose McGowan has taken a machete to Jeff Bezos and Jane Fonda who is apparently still alive actually apologized for something. Meanwhile as the fallout spreads like a pervy plague Ben Affleck and Matt Damon defended Weinstein. Moments later Affleck is apologizing for groping a women in 2003.  This in itself is a blockbuster story as no one has ever thought Ben Affleck would ever touch anyone other than Matt Damon.

Apparently every day America is wrong for voting for Donald Trump. They don't know any better. But Hollywood does. Los Angeles is Washington DC but with fake tits. Recently a god awful republican from Pennsylvania was forced to resign because he is pro life but urged his mistress to get an abortion. The left was all over that. However when journalist Lauren Sivan described her encounter with Weinstein the left focused on things Donald Trump didn't say. Mitt Romney was nearly executed for saying he had "binders" of women to hire. Harvey Weinstein jacked off into a plotted plant in front of Ms. Sivan and everyone was silent. Even the Green party which is supposedly against the abuse of the environment was MIA. I can't think of anything more plant-vicious than Harvey Weinstein ejaculating into a fern.

Hillary Clinton who twice never came close to being president blamed her loss to Trump on misogyny as well as over a dozen other things was hushed after five days to make a statement about one of her biggest supporters and donors. Now, Se says she didn't know and I almost believe her because I can't see Harvey the Perv asking Hillary to massage him. From Hillary's standpoint it doesn't matter. Harvey the Perv has money.  So much for prostitution being illegal.

While we are talking about the Clintons, where is Chelsea? She's suddenly silent which is a good thing because her tweets reveal a person more vacant than a row house in Baltimore. This piece of desperate boredom  has nothing to say because of the letter in front of Harvey the perv's name. She's a good little hack. Slower than old people in bumper cars but safe in her Manhattan apartment. Harvey can't possibly molest her unless Chelsea wants a job. Chelsea wanting a job is like Chelsea having a personality. It's just not logistically possible.

So, Hillary. She only took five days to respond. First in a bland predictable statement and then her uncomfortable interview with the equally uncomfortable CNN host Fareed Zacharia. Will she keep Pervy Harvey's money, She was asked.  According to her there is no one to return the money to. How about returning it to the guy jacking off into plants and raping young actresses?

I'm sure Rose McGowan knows what to do.

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