Submitted by The Boo Man on Thu, 02/07/2019 - 21:49

Early today the congresswoman with the big teeth finally unveiled her "Green new Deal" and it's even more ridiculous than previously thought. Aside from that like all democrats grand plans it is long on rhetoric and short on specifics. Conservatives were quick to jump on the ridicule bandwagon and rightly so. The plan reads like it was written by a few fanciful nine year olds who let their imaginations run wild in the LEGO store. I still can't get past the image of rail lines across the ocean.

However for all the mocking many have missed that the plan is actually the democrats boldest attempt at control after decades of baby steps. If this and single payer healthcare was somehow implemented it would be the largest government takeover of the US economy since Obamacare and that was only six percent. Medicare for all as it is called by Alexandria Lenin- Cortez and the disheveled Muppet Bernie Sanders would eliminate the health insurance industry. The Green New Deal would eliminate the fossil fuel industry and the airline industry, together putting millions out of work.

No worries, though because Cortez and her mindless minstrels have promised to give everyone a job and a living wage for everyone unable and unwilling to work. In other words millions of government jobs and millions more living off the government while government takes over the energy, healthcare and travel sector. Tens of thousands of those working in the mines and refineries will now be paid by the government to rebuild every building in the US so it's eco friendly. Millions of pilots, airport workers, health insurance employees have to option to live off the government or learn new trades. paid for of course by Uncle Sam.

What could possibly go wrong?

Conservatives like to mention Venezuela when talking about our "democratic" Socialists (as if there is a difference from Socialists in general) and yes that is a bit of hyperbole but Venezuela was once the richest country in South America with oil reserves that rivaled our own. Then the government took control of the sector, expanded it's safety net and expanded its reach to other industries. Today its population are eating zoo animals.

A lot of people are scared of the this child and yes I call her a child because she talks, acts and thinks like a child. I am more concerned with Ed Markey. A fossil in his own right who has been in government for most of his adult life seems to not have learned anything-ever. If someone with his experience believes this convoluted Socialist dream is possible perhaps mankind is doomed.

Obviously there is no way this would ever be implemented because of, well math, logistics...reality but the simple fact they want this is in itself worrisome. We will never be a dictatorship thanks to the founding fathers but we are increasingly electing people who desire to have the power of dictators regardless of the pain and suffering it would bring upon the American people. The arrogance of the Green New Deal is almost as frightening as the fact these "adults" truly believe this is all possible.