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Wednesday morning a large gift basket filled with fruit, flowers and chardonnay arrived on the doorstep of Senator Kamala Harris. A tiny note  pinned to the side which reads "Thank you for being the new worst candidate ever, love Hillary". And, just like that Hillary Clinton gets some much needed cover and Horizontal Harris has been relegated to being a lifetime congressional back bencher. This was her only shot and she used the bullet to blow a hole in her left foot.

Right on cue the media went into a racial tizzy. Hack after hack on MSNBC and the Fredo Network not to mention Twitter lamented that the next debate is rather white. White supremacy! These aren't people who think. If they did they would first realize the debates so far have featured a Jew, a Native American, a Latino, an Asian, A black guy, a Hindu and an Irishman who identifies as Mexican. The next debate will feature the Jew, the Indian, The Hindu, an old space invader, the Latino and possibly the Asian, amongst a few others. Apparently they forgot about Cory Booker but I can understand why. He's a joke. A parody and a moron. He shouldn't be president. He shouldn't be in congress. In fact he shouldn't be anything but an instructor in clown school.

The other thing these "elites" fail to see is by crying white supremacy in a democrat primary means they are calling democrats racist. Yeah, this has nothing to do with the rest of us. If you are wanting for a candidate of color, you have one. The lady who kneecapped Senator Harris. Is Tulsi Gabbard not dark enough or is she just not pro war enough? So, is it really racism that torpedoed Kamala Harris' campaign? Or is it the candidate herself?

Kamala Harris for the loss

We have never witnessed a candidate more unelectable than Kamala Harris. She makes Clinton look almost human. Their campaigns were quite similar and yet Harris found a way to be even less likeable. Yes, likeablity is important. The presidential race is in part a popularity contest. There is noting about her to like. Her voice is like a whiney saxophone with a head cold. Except of course when she puts on the fake southern accent. Then she sounds like a whiney southern saxophone with a head cold. She's so stiff she moves like she has rheumatoid arthritis because everything she says and does is pre planned. She relied completely on repeating the same boring, sanctimonious phrases like "speak to truth" and "let's have a conversation".

Her biggest problem was the same as Hillary's. She didn't know why she was running so neither did the voters.  We all now why the actual top tier candidates are running. Warren wants to take on the banks and Bernie wants Medicare for all. Joe Biden wants to hug foreign leaders' children and have Justin Trudeau run his fingers through wet poolside legs hairs. Why did Kamala run? In the begriming it was all about a pay raise for the teachers. That didn't poll well after her initial campaign launch so that quickly  disappeared and in it's place was an omelette stuffed with whatever she thought the people wanted to hear.

Medicare for all, that seems to be popular she so went all in and confidently declared she would do away with private insurance. I mean Hiawatha Warren and Che Sanders are running on this so why not? Well, one of her long suffering staff must have shown her the numbers. Eliminating private insurance is slightly less popular than self immolation. Warren and Sanders stick to their guns because they truly believe. Harris just wants to get elected. So, as expected she had to walk that back.

Her biggest flaw is she is what the left accuse President Trump of being, an authoritarian. Her initial campaign was based on locking people up for smoking weed as if that's a selling point. She mocked Joe Biden for saying we have to work within the constitution. Not that Joe Biden cares about the constitution or has ever read it. We were told she was smart. A smart democrat would not run on a record of incarceration in the age of Black Lives Matter. Senator Harris, however is not alone in her tumble down the political staircase. She had help. In fact it can be argued that she was mislead.

The media gave and the media taketh away. This is the most interesting bit of this sordid and pathetic tale. Kamala Harris launched her campaign in spectacular form. Like any candidate with a semi functioning brain she launched her campaign on her own turf. The turnout was massive. Why not? A black woman running for president? The Social Justice Warriors swooned. Lawrence O'Donnell masturbated live on television only to be out done by Brian Williams who claimed to have written Harris's speech while under fire in the Cambodian killing fields. She was now a rock star because the media said so and a few of their poll backed that up. On top of that the media did what it does best: Not investigate. They didn't care about who she was or what she believed in. She was a woman and black sand said the sort of thing Barack Obama would say. She's the one or the new one. She was riding high according to the media but her slanderous attack on Joe Biden put her on the front page and forced the media to actually look into who she really is. It was down hill after that. The left hates the rule of law and Tulsi Gabbard simply expedited the awful senator's demise. The real issue here is as soon as the Kamala Harris was revealed the media moved onto it's next big thing. Joe Biden. So, the media that accuses everyone of being racist because Kamala Harris failed are one of the reasons she failed. They chose Biden over Harris because Biden was less of a dumpster fire. So, their sanctimonious cries of racism ring more hollow than Joe Biden's head.

The media is nothing more than the PR arm of the DNC. They created Harris and they helped destroy her. It's hard to take them seriously when they scream racism and yet focus on the old white hair sniffer. Either way, goodbye and good riddance. When we want someone like Kamala Harris we will vote for Pol Pot.

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