Glenn Beck interviews Gab CEO Andrew Torba

Submitted by DC on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 07:58

Glenn Beck had a great interview with Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab.  A few items from the interview:

  • Apple and Google bans from app stores
  • Blacklisting from payment processors (Operation Choke Point)
  • Torba banned personally from Visa, Coinbase, PayPal, and others
  • 100% of Gab's revenue comes from check-by-mail and Bitcoin
  • Gab users are not the product and user data is not sold - the service is the product
  • Gab has 4.5mm users
  • Gab allows users to say whatever they want, within bounds of U.S. law
  • Spent two years building their own infrastructure, independent of Silicon Valley
  • Visa has staff dedicated to harass and administer heavy fines on payment processors who allow transactions with Gab
  • Gab user growth 22% month-over-month
  • Beck offers support and stands with Gab 100%


Link to the interview HERE.


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