Of Fools and frauds

Submitted by The Boo Man on Mon, 09/16/2019 - 02:22

We had two kinds of people on the debate stage in Houston. Those that believe what comes out of their mouth and those that don't but know they have to say it. That's a pathetic take on the democrat party but that is what they have been reduced to. They spent decades taking baby steps but with the election of the whitest person in the history of white people, Barack Obama they thought they were ready to let it all hang out. Thousands of election losses later they still believe the American people want to be told how to live. No, we don't.

The disheveled Muppet Bernie Sanders truly believes in the propaganda he spews. He doesn't understand any of the logistics behind it but he's all for it nonetheless. So, do we give him credit for being honest? Sure. However he's still a lazy moron who has never held a full time job that wasn't paid for by the taxpayers. Ignorance can be quite insulating. Bernie Sanders doesn't know that he doesn't know. Decades of wandering around congress pretending to be important has given him quite the ego. He doesn't have time for questions. We simply have to fall in line or he will wave that creepy finger like a crazed proctologist at us and scream "get off my lawn!". But he really believes the crap that comes out of his mouth. The rest? Not so much.

This is where it gets really pathetic. The rest are pandering opportunists. They will say anything to get elected. Now, that is par for the course in politics however they are saying things that are so obviously false it's ridiculous. And, they are doing it to justify taking away many of our rights. Some stood out more than others. Horizontal Harris was the most visible but simply because her responses were more canned than a tuna company and she is quite frankly the least attractive person to ever run for president and yes, I remember Captain Pantsuit. She used her opening statement to attack the president in a way that was immature and petty. She was proud of herself, she thought she scored points. She simply reminded everyone of that one nasty vindictive ex girlfriend who keyed your car. Willie Brown really has no standards.

Pete Buttigieg, the John Kasich of the democrat party is quite frankly a waste of space draped in a white robe with "Vatican" written on the back. The half wit with a side parting is as Christian as  Christopher Hitchens. Like the rest of the simple socialists he pours on the hyperbole. "I mean, this is the hardest thing we will have done, certainly in my lifetime, as a country. This is on par with winning World War II, maybe more challenging than that". Really, your eminency? I'm pretty sure there are quite a few people who lived through the second world war that would disagree. Especially those tasked to defend the country. Remember that thing in Normandy? That was tough. Lecturing people about eating meat isn't.

Does he believe this garbage? Of course not. He just thinks he found his shtick. He hasn't. Being gay and a vet isn't a get into the white house free card. If being in a war torn place makes you the most qualified to be president Cory Booker Wins. Afghanistan is a hell hole but Newark New Jersey is actually hell. I'm sick of seeing the simpering half wit acting like he is the arbiter of all things decent. You endorse late term abortions you fake Christian. Now sit down, shut up and play your Indigo Girl records. Leave the rest of us alone. Poofy Pete may be proof God is in fact fallible.

If there is a person who should never be president of anything it's Beto. Where did this weirdo come from? This weird pale shouty person is exhausting. He's always waving his arms about and cursing. I question people's intellect if they can't communicate without dropping F-bombs. This buffoon may have sunk the entire DNC with one utterance. "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47" and, he's so thick he's having shirts made. That's right, he's asking people to spend money to buy shirts that will doom his party. He wants to control the country yet he can't control his arms. He's the party's Ruprect. Never elect a Ruprect.

Does he believe what he's shouting about? nope but he has to one up the next person. That's all this is about. They feel they have to out-Lenin each other to get the nomination. And, he's doubled down. This pale opportunist gave the GOP a sound bite they will use for years. He single handedly stopped any momentum the democrats had with passing gun control. Now that you have told us how you will take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens it's time you told us how you will take them out of the hands of the criminals. And, try and do it without knocking anything over.

I have never been a fan of Joe Biden. I don't like arrogant people. Especially those who are obviously nowhere near as bright as they believe to be. He has also been on the wrong side of every issue his entire life. No one has been more wrong than Joe Biden. Ever. I kind of felt sorry for him when he got into the campaign but no more. He's in because of his ego and he's going to plow on because of his ego. He must know he's not up to it. He never knows what state he is in. Age is an issue for him. So Joe, don't mention record players and fix your damn dentures you fucking fossil.

What's worse, a candidate that lies or a candidate that lies through teeth that have a mind of their own? Biden's Iraq revisionist history is so off the charts perhaps his chompers were trying to flee the scene of the crime to avoid being associated with a serial liar and plagiarist. He voted for the Iraqi war, he bragged about it and he gave speeches about it.  You own it, Joe and there are no Welsh politicians you can plagiarize to explain it away. Joe likes to portray himself as a tough guy. Well, man up and admit you were wrong, Joe. Just once step up to the plate and actually be the man you have pretended to be for your entire political career.

Yeah, Joe and his hyperactive teeth are poised to defeat Trump. I believe that less than I believe that angry Castro guy is five foot tall. Biden is in the lead because everyone else running is either the love child of Joe Stalin and Pol Pot or simply Dumb. They are all dumb. Really dumb. Joe being the dumbest. Not in your lifetime, Joe. Have your pudding and go to bed. Let the party implode. No one can stop it.

The media will do what it can to get Joe Biden elected. Not because President Trump is a racist. He isn't. Not because he has failed. He hasn't. And, not because of the Russia thing. Mueller Said no. Trump must be defeated because he is a republican. Trump has been in the public eye since the early eighties and yet no one called him a racist until he became president. Democrats are great at slander because they suck at policy.

So, that Asian guy Yang, he finally found his ying. Unfortunately it was possibly illegal but at the very least desperate. "Vote for me and I will give you $1000 a month! But wait there is more. Vote now and often and I will throw in this set of steak knives. They're guaranteed to cut through anything aside from the BS that comes out of my mouth" Whatever dick head is running his campaign needs to be shot and then seriously made fun of. I kid of course. Shoot him twice. Naw, leave him be. When this is all over he and Yang can sell the latest version of the Shamwow at county fairs. "if it can clean up the mess that was my presidential campaign it can clean up anything".

They just don't care. They are now literally promising to do things that are obviously unconstitutional but that is what the base demands. The party's slut, horizontal Harris pledges executive orders to the second amendment and the screeching Indian wannabe pledges to do away with the filibuster. Can they? No. Do they care? Hell no but it sounds good to the base. Bernie says he will jail executives of oil companies. That's not communist at all. It's also hypocritical.

Bernie wants to imprison the executives of companies that produce a product he has used his entire life. Think about that for a second. He flies to every campaign stop in planes powered by fossil fuels. He owns not two but three homes. All three depend on fossil fuels. This pig of a person demands we imprison people for producing a product he depends on. America would not be the most prosperous and powerful country in the world without fossil fuels. We would have never had an industrial revolution without fossil fuels. Fossil Fuels are why we are not a third world country. Comrade Sanders is able to campaign for the presidency all over the country because of fossil fuels. And yet the most anti American person since Ted Kennedy wants to punish those who have made his lifestyle possible. Sanders wants to punish people for a made up outcome he would be complicit in contributing to. Does he understand this? No. Would he care if he did? No. He's true red all the way. At least he believes what he says. That's the only positive thing about him. He's still a loud miserable dick.
The DNC has given the country two choices. The real Socialist candidate or the other candidates who claim to be socialists because that's what their base wants. In other words the candidate who truly wants to take away all your freedom or the others who will do it because polls.

Trump for the win...again




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