The End of the World...Again

This must be the fifteenth time this week. Every week the left declares the end of civilization as we know it. Global warming, Trump, lower taxes, happiness. And now Brett Kavanaugh. According to the democrats if judge Kavanaugh is confirmed no one will have healthcare, no one will have any civil rights and something about corporations.

Remember the boy who cried wolf? Well we have the boy who claimed global warming, the boy who claimed death to women who will no longer supposedly be able to kill  their babies. The boy who claimed Russia will take over the world because Trump likes Putin's tie. There is hysteria and then there is Joy Behar level hysteria. Once you reach level Joy there is no coming back. The brain shuts down and you run on hate and hate though and energizer has no common sense.  That's why certain anti whatever groups put out statements professing their opposition to Trump's pick before Trump announced said pick.

But I digress. This isn't really about the upcoming tsunami of leftist apocalyptic hyperbole or their assertions that Brett Kavanaugh is worse than Hitler, Gacy and AIDS all rolled into one evil conservative racist cannibal. It's about reality. The reality is Trump is the president and the president gets to nominate whomever he chooses. The role of the congress is to vet the nominee, not reject him beforehand. Leftists have to reject any republican nominee because that judge will not be an activist. The left has been in a battle with  this country for nearly a century. They just cannot figure out how to convince a country founded on the premise of freedom that they would be better off not having any freedom. So they elect and nominate big government acolytes who never stray from the message. Basically Being a democrat is being a member of Jim Jones' cult. Cults hate freedom.

So, Reality. A justice Kavanaugh means women will have no healthcare? I had no idea that the SCOTUS could wipe out everyone's healthcare. More to the point I did not know one single yet to be confirmed judge could take away a woman's healthcare. Notice they replaced abortion with healthcare. It's difficult to make killing children sound positive. It's difficult to make socialism sound positive. Even Hitler's management couldn't spin the killing of babies in a positive light. Death is death and the left (formerly known as the democrat party) is all for the killing of children. It's the control they desperately need.

With that in mind it is brass tacks time. This is where the left gets bludgeoned with the facts and then dials 911. First of all the SCOTUS has to agree to hear a case regarding Roe V Wade. Then they would have to find really good reasons to overturn the law. I'm sure they are there  since it's a terribly written decision but is that enough to overturn a decades old decision? Maybe. But what if it was? The left claims women will no longer have access to healthcare. I'd would love for one of these lunatics to walk me through this. Women cannot get a mamogram or go to the gynecologist because Roe was overturned. Really? Are you that stupid? Yes, yes you are. Back to Roe. If by some miracle Roe was overturned abortion would be as it should be: A states issue. Most of America does not want abortion to be illegal but they believe it should be reigned in. This is where the Kavanaugh nomination comes into play. Roe may not be reversed but abortion cases before the SCOTUS may limit abortion's reach. That is why the left is so worried. They need complete control.

They also need the money. That's the real issue. Congress subsidizes Planned Parenthood even though they don't need it and in return Planned Parenthood funnels millions to democrat candidates. A cozy arrangement placed on the backs of millions of aborted babies. An excellent gig if you're not a baby.  Democrats always talk about fighting for the little guy. Babies don't count.

The 2016 election was the most important in our lifetime. The winner got to appoint justices he or she saw fit. Democrats Hillary would have nominated justices that would make law not uphold the constitution. Trump has appointed orientalists. Judges who uphold the law regardless of whether or not they like it.
The left has been focusing on these appointments for years. and they lost. Lost as Trump would say "bigly". However there is a silver lining. in forty ot fifty years Hillary will still be running for president.