Submitted by The Boo Man on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 02:39

The overall consensus is Elizabeth Warren is the overall winner. What does that mean? it means Warren was the most socialist out of the socialists because only a socialist can win the primary. The base demands it. There are only three Leninists that have a chance. Warren, Sanders and Harris. The only other viable candidate is Biden who isn't a socialist but will become one if necessary. And the more they talk the worse they look.

On the first night the party's "moderates" took Warren and Sanders to the practicality woodshed and they did not like it. Tim Ryan, John Hickenlooper and John Delaney actually sounded rational for a modern democrat and ended up forcing Sanders and Warren to act like the dictators they really are. When challenged on healthcare they went berserk. Why do we have to take away people's private insurance, asked Tim Ryan and John Delaney. Senator Sanders went nuts and did everything but take off his shoe and bang it on the podium. He waved his arms, shouted and at one point started dancing the Funky Chicken. Warren, when challenged, screamed, continuously looked like she was going to jump up and down like a three year old and shouted at the audience "this is not funny!".

In their eyes there is no middle road, there is no room for dissent and the will of the government will be forced upon the country. Their anger and refusal to give specifics on their plans exposes the worst part of socialism. The coercion. Sanders and Warren don't care what we think or how much their plans will cost. They don't feel the need to tell us anything assuming they know themselves and they don't need to know because they will implement them no matter what. All they do is cloak every plan in a blanket called "fundamental right" and they think that gives them the moral justification to take away more and more our freedoms. If elected they will force their policies on us through executive action and weaponizing departments like the DHHS like they did the IRS and the EPA.

If you're wondering why I have not included Senator Harris in my critique of the socialist trifecta it's because she flip flops so much it's hard to nail her down....unless your Willie Brown.

They also just looked miserable, angry. Almost as if they didn't want to be there. At least on the second night Joe knew where he was. They don't want to be there because their  policies are indefensible. They're attitude is "we're smart and you're not. So shut up and let us control you". Put them in the white house and it will just be 4 years of Joan Crawford shouting "no more wire hangers!!!". Actually in this new and woke democrat party it would be "no more white hangers". That certainly rules out Hillary.

They also don't understand how things work. The one thing that stood out for me on day two is Horizontal Harris claiming removing healthcare from employers is a positive thing. Employers have for decades used benefits such as healthcare to attract possible employees. She wouldn't know about that unless it was some pillow talk with mayor Brown.

Then there was the hypocrisy. Make America Great Again is apparently racist. But all of the 489 candidates laid out the sad and bleak reality that is not America but nevertheless they claim the country is on a precipice and about to fall into a vat of racism and global warming. Only the democrats can prevent this. In other words make America great again. When not talking about how bad everyone in the United States has it they were talking about how Trump is a racist. What makes Trump a racist? His tweets. What makes Trump's Tweets racist? Trump. He's a racist. Leftists thrive on circular reasoning.

Aside from Tulsi Gabbard torpedoing Kamala Harris it was a shambles. Virtue signaling, lectures on white privilege, predictions of global destruction on the level that would make great late night TV starring David Hasselhoff and that guy from Sharknado. There was a differing of opinions on climate change. Some said we have only a few years to act. Others said it was too late. Never trust anyone who thinks they can control the weather. Joe Biden flat out said he would get rid of fossil fuels and that was only slightly more scary that the moron from the Big Apple shouting he'll tax the hell out of rich people.

So, rich people are evil. We will take away your private healthcare. We will raise your taxes. White people need to atone for everything. The world is going to explode unless the unwashed masses live like it's the dark ages. America has had it good for too long so we believe illegal immigrants are more important than you. You hate our policies but you have no say in the matter. As Elizabeth Warren pointed out, Obamacare was passed with minority support.

We continue to call them socialists but these lunatics are looking at socialism in the rear view mirror as they hold hands and drive over the cliff, landing in the bedroom where Karl Marx's Father said to Mrs. Marx "You look sexy in that apron. Treat me rough, call me Clive and lets make a little commie".

At this point Joseph Stalin would be more appealing than this lot. He at least had the brains to pretend he loved Russia. Democrats openly express a deep hatred for America. They are openly hostile to freedom and they are angry that we have a system that prevents them from just ascending to power. They're dangerous and the country knows it but they don't have the self awareness to see it. Future debates will just scare the country even more. Especially since the clown car will be winnowed down to a motorbike and sidecar. Three anti American communists lecturing us on our skin color and toilet paper consumption.

If they want to win they need to stop talking. Politicians never stop talking.