Submitted by The Boo Man on Thu, 07/04/2019 - 01:56

Once again we're at the point during an election cycle where the word "independent" get's bandied about. It's all about the independents, apparently. And, as it stands now the polls supposedly show that President Trump isn't attracting them. I don't know if that is true because I find polls to be pointless. Especially this far out from election night. It is true that a candidate not attracting independent voters is in trouble but after the debates last week Trump has nothing to worry about.

The leftist lineup is so far from mainstream they too will not attract the independents. So, the question is will the Independents stay home? Based on the policies put forth, no. They will vote for President Trump. Not all, but most. Because, they're Americans. And, like most Americans they love this country and what it stands for so they always put America first. The democrats running for the oval office put everyone but America first and their policies would prevent us from living like a first world nation who is wealthy, innovative and charitable. They want us to be Denmark but the end result would be Zimbabwe.

If you watched the debates the candidates were never more animated than when talking about illegal immigrants. They deserve everything.  They would all give them "free" health care because it's just morally right to make sure those here illegally in our country who are sick have access to healthcare. Really? What about the veterans who are killing themselves every day? Why aren't these Albert Schweitzers of the democrat party focusing on them? Or the homeless. When was Horizontal Harris last in Los Angeles or San Francisco? I guess those people don't count. What about the opioid epidemic in rural counties? They obviously do not count because they're mostly toothless white redneck Trump supporters. If a leftist set foot in Appalachia would they burst into flames? If you can't clean up the shit in your own backyard don't shit in everyone else's.

The thing is, when the left goes on and on about illegal immigrants and other countries Americans ask themselves the same question; "what about us? When do we become important?" Why is it wrong to take care of Americans before taking care of everyone else? It wouldn't be an issue if decades of leftist policies hadn't created the crisis we have. Health care, poverty, drug addiction, veteran homicides, the destruction of the black family etc.. Why is it okay for an American student in New Jersey to pay out-of-state tuition in Maryland when the state gives illegal immigrants free tuition?

It's not about privilege. It's about reward. Americans can achieve whatever we want and how much of it we want. Therefore we work our asses off and in the end we rightfully expect to be rewarded for all our sweat and labor. What we don't expect is the rewards for our labor to be redistributed to other people. Especially without our consent. Stuff your politics and give us our money. We'll take care of the rest. We are a charitable nation. We'll do the charity thing on our own thank you. And, we'll do it better, more efficient and much, much bigger. This is America. We take care of each other and everyone else deserving. Regardless of their voting record.

The democrat party's message has coalesced around "give us your money and your freedom. We will then dole it out based on what we deem to be just. And, we will penalize most Americans because you have had it good for too long". That's never going to gain traction since we prefer to be happy rather than spend all our time being angry and searching for the basis for our anger. We simply don't feel guilty for being Americans. They've created an us vs them dichotomy. Or should we say a U.S. vs democrats dichotomy. They're angry because they can't win.  We've got a good thing going and we won't let them screw it up.

Now the freebies. Promising free everything is absurd but when you make it a "right" it sounds noble. Education, healthcare are a right according to the left so naturally anyone why disagrees is a heathen who hates everyone. Free everything for everyone is expensive. So the question has to be asked "how do we pay for it?" Denmark of course! If they can do it, we can do it. Well I am sure the Danes are fine people who are really happy with their lives but the Danes, the Swedes, the Dutch and others are not Americans. We are different. Very different. We like stuff. lots of stuff and we work hard, very hard to make money to buy the stuff. We like big cars and like to have multiple big cars. We like big houses with lots of air conditioning. When we have friends over we roast whole pigs in the backyard and make our own booze. We love life We also love our families. So when one of them gets sick we take them to the ER and expect the doctors to do everything to help them. We want every scan, every test and every doctor in on this because we demand the best. We have the most innovative healthcare so we want ALL of it when we need it. Expensive? Yes. Excessive? Often. What about...Screw everyone else. This is family.

In order for us to do this we can't be Denmark. Denmark like other European countries Comrade Sanders references have progressive taxes. Big heavy tax rates topped with a fun preventing VAT. They gladly give up at least half their salary to the government so they can live in small houses furnished with flat pack furniture. They ride bikes instead of driving cars and they vacation at a local lake when they can afford it. They live small but they are happy and that's fine but, they're not us. We're different and the left cannot force us to be something we are not.

You can give Americans free healthcare and free college education and free everything else and we will be miserable because we will be driving Smart cars to government jobs due to the fact the private markets have collapsed. Ever see a Smart car? (The crumple zone is your face). Once in the office we will be besieged with paperwork with miserable coworkers because no one has fixed the air conditioning and it's July. We'll work 15 hours due to the fact half the staff didn't come to work. Why bother come to work when the unions make it impossible for someone to be fired for poor performance? If we have time for lunch we go to the Tofu Hut across the road. It used to be a Chick Fil-A but Religion and meat have been banned because we need to decrease the global temperature .003 degrees over the next 97 years. On this day you decided to have extra bean spouts. Crazy! Once home the wife reminds you the lake you had planned to spend your holiday has been turned into a Black Panther museum and mini golf course because David Duke once drove passed it. Privilege, baby.

No, thank you. That's not us. That's not America and that's why President Trump will win in 2020.