The Democrat Debate Part One: The Slandering

Submitted by The Boo Man on Sat, 06/29/2019 - 00:49

We've known who they are all along but they have finally stood up and revealed themselves. Thankfully they did it on the stage in front of 15 million people. The democrat field for the presidency is chock full of horrible leftists, occasional moderates, a sanctimonious super Christian and a hippy. They're all socialists except for the few that are actual communists. For the most part they are horrible. Some more horrible than others. However when it comes to their view on freedom and their vision for America they are all equally deplorable.

Kamala Harris. She's a gem. The media decided she was the winner. In a way they are correct. She raised her name recognition and after the debate, the number of people searching her name exploded exponentially. She's probably finally raised her profile with the base but, with every decent human being she shot herself in the foot. No one likes a lying screeching bully and she is exactly that.

She used Joe Biden as a punching bag. That's on old Joe for taking his warm milk before the debate. The issue however is everything she said was a lie. She and a few other deplorables have destroyed Biden's reputation. He had a good reputation which is odd considering he has been on the wrong side of every issue. But there was no need to replace it with one of a racist. Joe Biden is an arrogant blowhard but he's not a racist. Harris knows that. She has publicly stated as such but that didn't stop her from trying to destroy him in order to become the first General Secretary of the Communist Republic of the United States.  

It started as always with Joe opening his mouth. Joe Biden is the only human who can walk upright with both feet firmly entrenched in his mouth. Joe had the right idea. He wanted to show that he has a history of working with those he disagrees with. Including those in his own party. Of course old Joe who thinks he knows everything chose two of the worst examples. And he said nice things about them...sort of. Normally this would have gone unnoticed but there is an election coming up and democrats have never had a problem giving their friends the shiv. All Biden did was say  "James Eastland was nice to me" and from the reaction of Harris, Spartacus and the rest you'd think Biden admitted to being the grand wizard of the KKK.

Horizontal Harris is your typical democrat partisan. They all lie about everything and create false biographies to make them accessible to everyone not living in DC or the coasts. She hammered him for voting against forced bussing to integrate the schools in the early 70's and played the race card. Her argument was being against forced bussing is equal to being pro segregation. It worked. It was total bollocks but it worked.  I wonder if Senator Harris actually knows what forced bussing really is. She seems to know little else.

Our government does two things regularly. They make really bad policies and then make really bad policies to fix the really bad policies they previously made.  Segregation is one of the worst things this country has done. And as always the government gets the remedy wrong. It decided to mandate bussing to integrate the schools. Biden voted no. He was right to do so. At this point the kids became numbers. A statistic. The government was taking kids out of their local schools and bussing them to other schools all in the name of equality. White and black alike. What parent wants that? Their kids forcibly bussed to schools in other districts. Children leaving their friends because the government screwed up. Biden voted no because it was the right thing to do. One of the few things he ever got right.  

Harris needs to read a book or two. She knows nothing about segregation because she's ignorant and she grew up in a family of privilege (There wasn't a lot of cross burnings in Quebec). Harris wants to be the new Rosa Parks but she's just an old Chris Mathews. Forced Bussing was less successful than New Coke. No one liked it. Kamala Harris hasn't got a clue and she's too lazy to buy one. Even if said clue was subsidized by the voters.

How is Kamala Harris any different from Al Sharpton? She isn't aside from having a voice more likely to melt the fillings in your teeth. She's obnoxious, arrogant and vacuous. basically a more pigmented Kristen Gillibrand and a more manly version of Mayor Pete who is a super Christian but is silent on the issue of abortions up to the moment of birth. She's just awful. Most of America sees this, no matter what Don lemon says.

Kamala Harris scored points with the base but did little with everyone else. She won't be president and she slandered Joe Biden for no reason or gain. We don't need people like her.



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