Submitted by The Boo Man on Tue, 08/18/2020 - 17:21

Holy crap on a cracker. This was more weird than those safety films they showed you in drivers ed class. And, when it wasn't being weird it was being more boring than a lint trap convention hosted by the Amish. From start to finish it was their typical hypocrisy laden dross you can count on from the democrats but they dressed up like a cable access show.

First it starts off with their usual "we love America, honest!" gambit. I.E. the national anthem. But this time the national anthem with a difference. Someone got some new editing software for Christmas and decided to turn it into the theme from the Brady Bunch. And of course all the people in the segment were super diverse. I think at one point there was a half Polish transsexual with a third nostril in the upper left hand corner. They obviously did not want to upset the partially Polish, slightly disabled transsexual community. Pandering to the nth degree right out the gate.

Of course the highlight was the perpetually sanctimonious John Kasich. "What a coup" they thought "to get such a prominent republican to speak at our snoozefest". Why the hell was he standing in a field? Meanwhile what the powers that be don't seem to understand is the their new masters, the far left would have much preferred to hear from the garbage disposal virgin Alexandria occasionally Coherent. Any road, the establishment democrats hooted and hollered from their Covid-19 bunkers for getting an establishment republican Trump hater to speak at their convention. All the while the normal republicans simply shrugged and made a sandwich. Good riddance to exhausting piousness.

Of course former first lady Michelle taped a speech from her multi million dollar oceanfront mansion. I guess capitalism is good and global warming is non existent. Has this woman ever smiled? Ever? She always looks like someone told her dog just died. And, no one who saw this tangled piece of sourness before it was aired picked up on the fact she blamed President Trump for putting kids in cages her husband, President Mom Jeans built? She just isn't that bright. When they go low, she goes stupid.

Pretend leftist Bernie Sanders showed his true establishment colors with his painfully glowing praise of Decomposing Joe. And in another delightful bit of irony the disheveled Muppet who attacks corporations successful people and wants to take over the healthcare sector and education sector called Donald Trump an authoritarian. That's like Hitler telling Ilhan Omar to tone down the anti Semitism. Senator Sanders goal was to pull his devoted followers into the Biden camp. All he did was suck out what was left of their souls. I sort of feel sorry for them. It must be what all those Milli Vanili fans felt when they discovered the truth.

From a visual context it was head scratching. Considering they had months to plan this, access to tens of millions of dollars and the backing most everyone in Hollywood one would think they could have put something together that was less interesting than a PBS telethon. Late night infomercials have better production values. When I was at university I took some TV/film classes and we had the first generation of digital editing. Now this was over two decades ago. The closing segment with Stephen Still looked like it was edited with a beta version of what we had. And speaking of Stephen Stills, who was singing with him and why in the name of all that is holy was he wearing Darth Vader's night gown? Oh and one more thing on this. The idiots in charge never thought to turn off the streaming comments. So everyone got to read the savage mocking aimed at the democrats. They can't put together a three hour presentation that looks better than something done on a Commodore 64 but they are going to manage our healthcare. with what? Leeches? I guess when we go low they. go low-fi.

But the meat of this tangled pastiche was what was said and not said. They spent the night calling America racist and at the same time never once offering any sort of solution. According to them Trump is Hitler and his supporters are Hitler and while Trump and the rest of the Hitlers are Hitlering all around the country the best the DNC can come up with is a depressing Michelle Obama speech and a Bobby Brown video from 1987.

I think what will turn off the country the most is their non stop idolization of Black Lives Matter. Essentially they are pouring salt and lemon juice into the wounds of those whose businesses have been destroyed and those that have been attacked and the families of those who have been murdered by these savages. They are not a civil rights group. They are terrorists. But the new democrat party has realized the only way to get their agenda passed is through violence and coercion. But what they fail to realize is they are not winning. Those people who put Black Lives Matter posters in their shop windows are not actually saying we support you. They are pleading "please don't burn down my shop". That's not progress. The progressive party has become the party of devolution.

Horizontal Harris was barely mentioned. Possibly because most of this was taped before she was chosen. Bright move considering in this cycle the VP choice takes on a more important roll than ever before since most people see Joe Biden barely making it through his first year. So why not exclude her. Makes sense in a hard to believe sort of way. There is also the possibility that they see that the pick for VP not only failed to move the demographic needle but is seen as more toxic than Chernobyl. Whichever one of old Joe's nurses chose Harris needs her head examined.

And that was only day one. Will there be a day two and three? I only ask because that early digital editing software were prone to crash and were impossible to fix. I hope the DNC have a name of a guy in their rolodex so they can if needed call the technician on their rotary phone.



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