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Communist News Network pushes the lie that Trump doesn't believe in science

How bothered was Camerota? She rephrased the same question to Sellers again: “Do you worry at all that President Trump is appealing to more than his base -- to some of the Independents or whomever -- Democrats who think that his message is just more of sort of cheerleading one than the doctors who keep wagging their fingers at us?”

Sellers offered the typical Democratic attacks, claiming, “[Trump] doesn't believe in detail, because he doesn't believe in science, because he doesn't believe in fact.” Yet, in the same segment, Sellers praised, “We're seeing Andrew Cuomo doing a great job.” Cuomo made the disastrous decision to send Corona patients to nursing homes. Of course, that never came up on the show.

How incredible is it that as much as President Trump has beaten these clowns to a pulp, they continue to push the narrative that he's not intelligent and "doesn't believe in science"? The President who launched the new Space Force (while they mocked him) does indeed believe in science. It's why he's not susceptible to scams like the global warming hoax, and why he understands very complicated biological concepts, like there are only two genders.