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Chinese Families Paid Massive Sums In College Admissions Scandal

While the people implicated in the "biggest college admissions scandal in history" have so far have been predominantly American - with photos of actresses like Lori Loughlin and ringleader William Rick Singer being plastered across the news - it turns out that the two families who shelled out the most money in the scandal were, not surprisingly, Chinese according to the Wall Street Journal.

One wealthy Chinese family paid an astounding $6.5 million to Singer, the scheme's mastermind, while a second family was found to have paid $1.2 million. The family involved in the $6.5 million payment has not yet been identified; the $1.2 million payment was in exchange for 21 year old Sherry Guo's admission to Yale University. Guo moved to Southern California from China to attend high school in the U.S.

Most of the other parents in the scandal paid between $250,000 to $400,000, making the huge sums out of China noteworthy to those investigating and following the scam. They are easily the largest sums reported thus far.