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Chinese Consumers Shocked by 78 Percent Price Hike on Fruits

Recently, an expert from the non-profit organization Chinese Nutrition Society posted an article which suggested that every adult should eat one pound of vegetables and a half pound of fruits every day. In the comment section of the article, many Chinese netizens posted the same feedback: “We cannot afford it.”

Zhang Junhua, manager of the market statistics department at Xinfadi Produce Wholesale Center in Beijing, told Chinese state media The Beijing News that currently, the average price of fruits at Xinfadi Wholesale Center is 6.15 yuan ($0.89) per kilogram, an increase of approximately 78 percent from the same period last year. The increase in the past seven days alone is about 10 percent. The price hike affects apples, citrus, kiwi and pears.

A salesperson at the wholesale center told The Beijing News that compared with last year, 80 percent of the fruits have had a price increase.