Submitted by The Boo Man on Tue, 10/17/2017 - 03:21

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste" said loud bully and full time failed mayor Rahm Emmanuel. This of course is some terrible irony since Chicago is one long, slow motion crisis that has killed Rahm's career. Political death by a thousand homicides. It's normal for the party out of power to wish for the opposing and party in power to fail. But not at the expense of the people. Especially people in need.

And then there was Trump.

For over a decade the democrats have been waiting for climate change to deliver us another hurricane Katrina. Which was supposed to be happening frequently because of global warming climate change weather. Of course if lots of hurricane Katrinas don't happen it is due to global warming climate change weather. We can't debate this because apparently four out of five dentists approve or something because of a consensus or something..

Where was I? Oh yes, hurricanes. The democrats wanted one badly. Or bigly if you're a Trump supporter. They got three. The wanted Trump to fail and he didn't all three times. Remember now dear reader for trump to fail means millions suffer more than they already are. Sort of like the democrats and establishment republicans refusal to fix our healthcare system. The democrats envisioned another Katrina and they got the opposite. Trump's response to these terrible tragedies has actually been the perfect example of how the federal government is supposed to work. Protecting its citizens, not punishing nuns for not supplying birth control and attacking the coal industry.

After Texas and Florida were hit straight on all that could be said was Melania wore the wrong foot wear in Texas. This was fascinating for many reasons. The most entertaining being 1) Shoes shouldn't take precedent over a natural disaster. 2) Melania Trump has nothing to do with the relief effort. and 3) She didn't actually wear the liberally deemed wrong footwear in Texas. Three strikes and you're desperate.

Desperation set in and I'm not talking about the victims of the storms. They're not important to the democrats. Those in Texas are expendable because Texas is a red state and Texans don't like abortion.. The democrats and their media stooges were stumped. Melania's heels just weren't going to cut it. And then there was Maria and the democrats pushed all their chips into the middle of the table. All in.

It was a safe bet. Puerto Rico was already a wreck. Weak infrastructure, poor housing and a corrupt, bankrupt government. It's the Detroit of the Caribbean. What couldn't possibly go wrong? And the democrats had an ass ace up their sleeve. Carmen Yulín Cruz. The mayor of San Juan. Basically a younger slightly less frumpy and just as sour version of Hillary Clinton. An acidic personality that rivals Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Another liberal puppet in the making. Unfortunately for the democrats she is just as stupid.

From the very beginning she was accusing Trump of neglecting the people of Puerto Rico. Unfortunately for her she decided to trash Trump to the press whilst standing in front of dozens of pallets of supplies sent to the island thanks to the president. She claimed everyone was dying because of Trump. The media must have missed those deaths. Puerto Rico was ravaged by the storm. Hospitals and airports were crippled. The island is basically without electricity and yet this weird woman  found the time and a way to have shirts custom made accusing Trump of letting thousands die. When that didn't work she appeared weeks later with another custom made shirt parroting the failed and sad pussy hat tantrum on inauguration day. So far this woman thinks less than Bernie Sanders.

So Puerto Rico's Donna Brazzile is failing the test that will get her invited to the State of the Union address. If you're unfamiliar with that it's the big speech the president gives every January where the democrats invite people most likely to upset anyone not living on either coast. Being a California guy I'm still wondering why Nancy Pelosi hasn't invited Charles Mason. His people killed a baby. If you're a democrat, how cool is that?

Let's fast forward to a few days ago. The mayor of what used to be San Juan is now accusing the president of genocide. That's right dear reader. This democrat hack accused the president of purposefully and systematically killing all Puerto Ricans. To date only 45 people have died since hurricane Maria. I guess in some ways Trump really is incompetent.

What I can't figure out is if the president is purposefully letting Puerto Rico die while simultaneously killing all of the island's inhabitants how does the mayor of San Juan find time to have shirts and hats made for her interviews? This bit of flotsam is more interested in shouting at Trump at the behest of her DNC elders than making sure her constituents are actually alive. And, if said constituents are dead why isn't the media reporting it? They report the frumpy Puerto Rican's claims of  mass killings gleefully because it sticks it to the mean president who trolls them on Twitter like a high school cheerleader. However why haven't they reported on the actual mass death toll Trump is personally responsible for? Why wait for impeachment on a Russian pipe dream at the bottom of a rabbit hole when Trump actually killed over three million Puerto Ricans?

The federal government is doing its job and so is Trump. Not enough people actually died for the democrats to realistically blame it on Trump so they get their newest stooge and future chairman of the DNC to sell her soul for a lie. Mercifully the story of Trump's non failure was pushed off the front page by the Pervy Weinstein saga. How long before the mayor of San Juan accuses Harvey Weinstein of raping her on Donald Trump's plane?