A Busy Time for Stupidity

It's flowing thick dear reader. A creak of liberal molasses and the democrats are searching for a paddle. Instead they have a dusty, moldy, worn out set of beliefs and grievances not recognized by reality. Aside from that they're always in your face.

Las Vegas. It is what it is. You can't describe it. Unless you're a democrat. I don't want to politicize something so tragic but they wasted no time. "If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing.” said an insignificant liberal who worked for CBS. But she wasn't done. She doubled down like Lena Dunham at the craps table. "I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”. Rahm Emanuel once famously said "Never let a crisis go to waste". In that case he must be in the bathroom right now frantically wanking away because this is one hell of a crisis.

Once again the democrats ignore tact, hop on their bulls and stampede through Americas china shop. They immediately called for more gun control and of course blame the NRA instead of the actual shooter. However they may have a change of heart and name a national holiday after the shooter considering he attacked people considered to republican and patriotic. In the world of the left that is pretty cool. Hilary Clinton chimed in because she has a book to flog and still wants to be president. However no one knows what she was saying. Something about silencers. Lets's move on.

This monster went through the proper channels to acquire his weapons. As do most people who commit these crimes. So, (here comes the stupidity) if gun control didn't stop this monster and the other monsters why call for more of the same? Every time a person passes a background check and kills people the only response is background checks. The only people who don't have guns are the people that don't go around shooting people but get shot.

When was the last time a criminal said "I was all set to buy a rifle illegally and kill lots of people when it was explained to me that doing so was actually illegal. So, I decided to go to mow the lawn instead". That happens as often as Nancy Pelosi doesn't get lost in a sentence. There is a simple truth that destroys all democrat gun rhetoric. If a person is determined enough to purchase a firearm and commit mass murder he or she will find a way. If a person is determined to commit an act of terror they will find a way. No amount of gun laws or demonization of the NRA will change that.  It's going to happen and that is the real bull in the china shop and it's the unarmed patrons of that china shop that are going to die.

If Democrats are going to constantly be in our faces demanding and regulating our lives they could at least take a bullet since they exist to disarm us.