Bump stock ban - What does it mean?

Let me float a few ideas here.  In truth, bump stocks are a novelty item, like putting playing cards in your spokes as kids.  Yeah, to a kid, it was great fun, and just like overkill of chrome on your car.  It may be gaudy to most, but it's your car to do with as you will, but does nothing for performance.

Let's look at bump stocks. For the amateur there's a learning curve, but for the expert, they can pick up any weapon and pretty much hit their target, but it takes quite a few rounds to start before you can pull it in and be consistent.  Once it's firing, you can pretty much mow down anything in your path, assuming you don't run out of ammo first.

Now, let's look at this in a war environment perspective. In a fire fight you need to conserve ammo, so full auto is pretty much worthless, unless you're being overrun in numbers.  It doesn't happen in real life very often, so what the military did was to go with a three round burst option.  It's an excellent idea because it keeps the weapon from crawling off target and conserves ammunition.

So here's the question: do you ever see a point in your life where you'll ever need a bump stock? Odds are, never, but does the government have the right to restrict them?


The Bill of Rights wasn't given to us by the government.  It's a God given right, just like the First Amendment.  In fact, the Bill of Rights was a restriction on government, that these stated rights were not to be infringed upon in any way.  The government was barred from even entertaining the idea that they could regulate any part of the B of R/Second Amendment.

I won't even go into the ban SCOTUS placed on sawed off shotguns or automatic weapons, as those were illegal court rulings.  The Bill of Rights specifically stated so.

With this in mind, what is President Trump thinking? The issue was a moot point, the left hadn't broached the topic in months, and it wasn't even on the radar.  So why make it an issue now?  Well, we all know President Trump is a Patriot, first and foremost.  He's not necessarily a Conservative, but the country comes first in President Trump's mind, so why out of the blue did he announce he'd sign a ban on these worthless attachments?

Here's a thought I'd like to think might be a possibility: what if President Trump is planning ahead, as we know he always does, to stay ahead of the opposition?  What if he talked to a bunch of legal scholars and decided this might just be the vehicle to over turn the long standing ban on fully automatic weapons?  Far fetched?  Possibly.

It goes to court and the court finds this ban to be illegal because it violates not only the Second Amendment, but the very core of the Bill of Rights.  This process forces the court to address the original ban by the leftist FDR (National Firearms Act) of 1934.  Could this be a case which would expose the illegality of SCOTUS, even having heard the original case and force an over turn of the ruling?  In other words, they put SCOTUS under Article 15, or catch-22, where one is forced to address an earlier ruling.

Hey, one can only hope, right?  Why do you think the President pulled this out of nowhere?  Let me hear your theories aside from the one I presented here.


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