Submitted by DC on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 19:56

A post from Billy on CPF, a law enforcement expert, on this insane proposal to disband the police:

This has been tried before, and in Washington DC of all places back when my former boss Marion Barry and his version of BLM were trying for home rule. Oh they wanted the money from the Federal Govt who funded us but they wanted direct control of it so they could steal a good portion of it. They finally got their wish in the late 70's but "Grandfathered" all of us who were already on the force so that our paycheck and our pensions came out of the Federal Govt.  The ew hires from the early 80's on had some lousy retirement system ad Of course we had crap equipment, vehicles and our Station houses looked like something out of European Gothic horror movie circa 1920. The SWAT team had 30 30 lever action rifles up until about 1980.

So what these "Community organizers" want is the Police Budget turned over to them to dole out as necessary to "rebuild" their neighborhoods and of course to manage as they see fit, which means a license to steal. The Police force as we know it will become more "regulators" rather than Law Enforcement, going around investigating racist crimes, arresting people for not wearing masks or saying bad stuff about the mayor and maybe wearing MAGA hats. They will try to come up with some "Ombudsman" system which means each neighborhood has its own "Block captain" who handles enforcement.... that's right out of the Commie play book.

Personally I hope they do it and the city disintegrates further into a swirling mass of flaming shit.


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