Submitted by DC on Mon, 01/13/2020 - 20:19

Our favorite content creator, John Doyle, literally took his show from nothing to over 120k subscribers. From the moment we saw his work when he was telling us about his new show, we knew he'd be something special. He's in his early 20s but has a lot of wisdom, and his comedic chops are second to none.

Congratulations John. Just remember us little people when the SPLC puts you on their terrorist watch list.

My favorite bit you did was your man-on-the-street at that college campus when you got the students to sign a petition to change the school name to "Osama bin Laden University".  That was absolutely genius.



This video is longer since it's a year in review, but worth it. We'll be posting his videos regularly as he publishes them.  Enjoy!

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