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There is nothing more self destructive  than a democrat with nothing to lose. There's also nothing more satisfying than seeing democrats shoot themselves repeatedly in one of their left feet. This is the result of living for decades in the DC political bubble. A bubble with many layers. Don't believe me? Cut Joe Biden in half and count the rings.

At some point those in the bubble lose any and all abilities to discern fact from fiction. They also lose that very important brain filter that allows us to successfully navigate social intercourse. Again, see Joe Biden. His filter was completely dissolved by 1985. that is why he says what he says and does what does. He no longer has that gatekeeper that at best says "you shouldn't say that" to the worst "Danger Will Robinson!". It seems like every democrat over the age of naught is acting like complete lunatics and saying things more cringe worthy than Karl Rove rapping.

What inspired me to write this tangled pastiche? Oh, I think you know. There are three Cory Bookers in this world. The Tre Cories are too dumb to know that they don't know. They talk very passionately about things they know nothing about and lecture rather than discuss. They are also under the false impression that they are better than the rest of us. In reality they are literally less impressive than Michael Avanetti. Any road let's leap frog over the original Cory Booker and the other, other Cory Booker, Hasseem Jeffries and focus on Don Lemon or Soul Food Fredo as I call him when I'm feeling like a bastard. Which is now by the way.

We've all seen the video clip of Soul Food Fredo laughing at a "joke" told by some republican establishment d-bag whose claim to fame is managing the campaign of someone called Evan McMullin and a trendy Indian named Wajahat Ali. The "joke" was just another attempt to marginalize those that don't vote for communists and elitists. You know, democrats. This was just another deplorable moment only without the colostomy bag shielding muumuu. Don Lemon later issued  something that was almost but not quite a partial apology stating "I was only laughing at the joke". The joke was the insult you f**kwit!

Insulting people who disagree with them has become commonplace in this new, desperate and vicious democrat party. Last week, everyone's least favorite congressional Weeble Wobble, Jerry Nads flung his partisan poo at senate republicans because they refused to do the work that fat slob refused to do. White House council Pat Cipollone  began beating congressman Nads over the head with an artisanal salami he wrested from the sweaty politician's person. Luckily Justice John Roberts put a stop to the whole ordeal before the salami was damaged. Later the country's least favorite occasionally poor native American went after the Chief Justice which convinced Lisa Murkowski to vote against further witnesses. These people are insane and, not in a quirky Mr. Deeds sort of way. We are supposed to be the idiots but they can't figure out that the least effective way to get people to see your side of things is to insult them. Then again these aren't normal people. They are hopelessly trapped in the bubble.

Joe Biden who may or may not be running for president has overtaken Bernie as the "get off my lawn!" candidate. He's gone from challenging voters to push-up contests to simply telling them to vote for someone else. He's a bitter, befuddled old man with great dentures. But, you can't physically push people around and he has developed a habit of doing that. At some point someone is going to push back and he will collapse like a souffle. Gropy Joe has taken the Hillary Clinton position. It's his turn. We owe him for a being a lifelong DC parasite. He was gracious enough to allow us to pay his salary for his entire adult life so now it is our turn to repay his good nature by making him president. And if we don't we're dumb, racist....See CNN and Cory Booker #3.

The democrat party is on a crash course with itself. The moderates think the only way to beat Trump is with a moderate. Of course today's moderate democrat running for president is akin to Joe Stalin with a conscience. And of course the communist sector of the party, the Bernie bastards think the only way to beat Trump is with a full blown communist. These sort of divides usually work themselves out at the convention. Not this time because the moderate democrat is only slightly less extreme than the far left democrat. In other words Joe Biden understands he can't nationalize everything and arrest those that don't agree with him. He may want to but he knows he can't. Bernie Sanders wants to be Joe Stalin with less disciplined hair.

Sanders will not be the nominee and for whatever reason and whatever the possible corruption to deny him his moment in Moscow his supporters will not accept it  and as Project Veritas has shown, his staff wants a fight. The Bernie bastards are a bunch of un American Pol Pot wannabes that  promise to Bern  down Milwaukee if Sanders does not get the nomination. I believe they will. Not because they're a tough lot but because they won't have any resistance. To them resistance is being called the wrong pronoun. So, these skinny jeans clad kids will break lots of windows and stop traffic and do lots of littering but not much else. By the time they're done the country will look at Bernie Sanders and his supporters with the same look they give Collin Kaerpernick and that's a good thing. We want Collin and the commies to have the right to have their say and we will ridicule them for being a bunch prosperity hating assholes. Either way Bernie's bastards are less tolerant than Rosie O'Donnell on a diet. They won't vote for anyone else and they will not go away quietly.

Meanwhile the DNC has done everything it could to bury Tulsi Gabbard and the Asian French Stewart. Does anyone really think their supporters will vote for the candidate the DNC coronates? No, they will want some revenge. There will be a percentage of democrats, non crazy, non commie voters who will vote for Trump because they see the alternative is frightening.  

The democrats are out of control. They know they are a runaway train but at this point they don't care. The Obama years decimated the party and it was the crazy commies that rose out of the Marxist mess to take control of the party. Democrat elders like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer never noticed what was happening because they are in bed by seven. When they wake up from their complacent nap they will be shocked to see they have been replaced by children wearing Che T-shirts and quoting Karl Marx because they read about him on Vox. Nancy and the rest of the nursing home club try to be radical by doing things like impeaching the president without doing it properly. Meanwhile the Bernie bastards and those Twitter twits that support the toothy kid from the Bronx will continue to push the far left crazies. Nancy and company will destroy the party from within and the new kids in the Kremlin will destroy it from the outside.

That's okay with me. I never liked leftists anyway.




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