Submitted by The Boo Man on Mon, 03/23/2020 - 16:27

It also kill campaigns and democrat narratives and dreams. This pandemic is the final installment of the democrats take down Trump trifecta. Russia didn't work. Ukraine didn't work and Covid-19 is failing them worse than Joe Biden. Most Americans approve of the president's handling of the crisis and his approval numbers reflect that.

The democrats are completely bewildered on what to do. Trump satisfied the right with help for small businesses and he outflanked the left with direct cash payments to individual citizens. He also declared a national emergency which gives the executive branch unprecedented powers, what Bernie Sanders calls a "wet dream". So the are doing the only thing they know how. Trash everything the president says and does.

The media has dutifully followed orders and as a result has run around in circles. First they claim Trump is not leading. They then demand he stop giving daily briefings. In other words keep people in the dark.  Makes sense in a Joe Biden sort of way. They're still running with the lie Trump called the virus a "hoax" even though that was debunked about a month ago. Doesn't matter. The media are basically robots at this point.  They claim Trump was slow to respond even though he set up the Asian Chinese Wuhan Virus task force January 29th. The democrats didn't notice because they were too bust trying to impeach him for making a phone call. Trump is delivering and the left is too busy trying to use the crisis to accomplish what Senator Sanders has failed to do, turn America into Cuba.

Joe Biden may be the biggest casualty. As it has been pointed out he's MIA. This is not an accident. His handlers said their strategy is to have him talk less. So, after his disastrous virtual town hall his staff caught him in a butterfly net and returned him to the home in time for pudding. This is the perfect time for Joe Biden to show some leadership. Especially since he has been critical of Trump's plan. What would he do? Actually he told us. He outlined President's Trump plan as if it was his own. Career politician, career plagiarist. He's invisible and Trump is using up all the oxygen in the room. Perhaps that is why they want him to go away. He's leading while they play wannabe Trotsky and look for ways to use the pandemic to make the country completely dependent on the government. That's gonna be a hard road to travel since the president has unleashed the private sector by cutting the red tape. The pandemic will come up in the debates and Trump will wipe the floor with Biden after Biden brags he invented the virus and it's cure while under intense gunfire just outside Kabul whilst being arrested along side Joan of Arc right after he wrote the civil rights act.

The Asian Chinese Wuhan Virus is also destroying the democrats favorite policy outside of baby killing. Open borders. Yeah, they claim they're not for open borders but they support abolishing ICE and the CBP as well as letting every illegal alien who hasn't killed anyone to stay (that last one is negotiable). Well, what will the American public think of unfettered immigration after this pandemic passes? Most of us were already against letting anyone and everyone in without any sort of oversight. Biden embraces this policy because he has to. It's going to go down well along with his policy on destroying the energy sector. Pennsylvania and Virginia were already a toss up. This won't help.

Remember Medicare for all? Well thanks to Italy that's less popular than Eric Swalwell. Italy is supposed to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world as well as one of the oldest populations. Yes it's single payer. What are they Italians doing? They're denying treatment to anyone over the age of 60. I heard Ezekiel Emanuel is building a summer home there. He's also advising Joe Biden on the Asian Chinese Wuhan Virus. I can only assume as president Biden would direct elderly patients down to see the Morlocks. Nevertheless the Sanders side of the party continues to claim this would never happen if we had government controlled healthcare. Ignoring the fact the private sector has stepped up in ways the government could only dream of.

Trump and the republicans have left the democrats behind. They've been relegated to sitting at the kiddy table because they couldn't help themselves. They have to play politics and they have to try and damage Trump because they have absolutely no one who can lead the country. The have purged their party of everyone who had even the slightest sliver of decency. All that is left is a bunch of angry anti American baby killing communists. No one wants that outside of their base and the CPUSA. As it stands now they have no candidate, they have no policies the country embraces and they have no chance in November.


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