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What Is Merkel Really After?

Listen to some of the speeches Merkel gives at those WW2 commemoration events for some insight into her view of Germany.  She sounds like France after WW1, trying to beat the German people into shame and submission.  Really strange for a national leader.

IMO, it's not-so-much what Merkel is after, but what (or who) the political stage is unwittingly being set for, next, that's potentially troubling.  Is Germany becoming an anti-semetic powder keg, refueled by immigrants who couldn't care less what happened in WW2?  Do they see Germany as just enough political and economic power to relight that hatred?

Merkel might be trying to give Germany a clean slate, new heritage, based on a welcoming immigration policy (for past German sins), but, in my opinion.... these immigrants might be worse than the German people ever were during their warring past. Merkel is doing to German what a Liberal does with their guilt, utterly destroying history and reshaping the populace into something more sinister than the source of her guilt.

History is history, it's what made you what you are, be it good or bad. Whatever drives Merkel to bring self-destruction on Germany through reckless immigration policy, be it stupidity or self-loathing, Germany's next generation will be the ones that pay dearly. Would it surprise anyone if the USA started seeing a wave of German immigrants, fleeing the Merkel nightmare?

ANTIFA didn't just pop up out of nowhere in America, but ANTIFA is curiously similar to the German Brown Shirts, thugs ... but what are they fighting to preserve or protect us from? Neither - it's about reshaping America through force and fear, the end of the First Amendment. The Internet is surely in their sights, after they finish with the public market place of ideas. You've heard of the "Internet Kill Switch" idea, what they really want is a "selective Internet kill switch".

The dream of Merkel types, erasing history, simply will not work - but the results will be horrifying. Erasing history means tossing away the bad and the good... Good bye Martin Luther, the door to intellectual and spiritual freedom is closing. Germany is headed back into the dark ages.