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Trumpers are starting to pretend they didn't support Trump

I first noticed this shoe drop a few weeks ago when going for my daily walk.  One of the houses I pass had naively posted a "Trump 2016" yard sign during the primaries.  A few weeks ago I noticed it was gone.  A business associate of mine who was pulling for Trump doesn't even want to talk politics.  He seems embarrassed.

Fox News hasn't been running non-stop Trump propaganda since Ailes was axed.  I'm sure it is very difficult to find a media mogul who sexually harasses the ladies, but this story had legs, so  they apparently decided to use this to push Ailes aside.  I wonder if Trump's leverage over him was hurting ratings with the non-stop Trump-A-Thon, and this was the least painful play.

The bots at Breitbart are gone, leaving human, innocent, uninformed posters who were gullible enough to support Trump.  These poor individuals have been getting slaughtered by conservative posters.  If you want to see some funny stuff, grab some popcorn and peruse through the comment sections of Breitbart articles over the last few weeks.  This remaining sliver of human support have revealed they are first-time voters, and even to the admission by many of them, didn't know a lot about Donald that most people know and consider common knowledge.  They watch Fox and read Breitbart, so they were really left in the dark in regards to information.

The timing is interesting to me.  The bots drop off, and Fox quits with the non-stop propaganda.  Hannity, Bolling, and a few others are still devoted and committed, but it's not a Trump channel anymore.

It's amazing how easy it is for the puppet masters to get gullible sheep to blindly follow them.  Pony up some cash for a few bots to fake support, load them up with talking points, get 12 million cross-over voters to back the bots as real voting support, and you can fool thousands of useful idiots into feeling they are part of a movement of millions.  The only movement they were part of was to get Clinton elected.  That cut is the deepest.

It's amazing how much disdain for Clinton the Trumpers have because of what she's done and positions she's held, while completely ignoring Donald's same behavior and positions.  The blind devout loyalty to the Republican Party is stunning.

As the remaining sludge is revealed, Trump supporters are in disbelief on what is happening.  They are starting to distance and jump ship.  They need to cling to any remaining credibility they may have with their friends and families.  Beware, they will come crawling back, trying to play every excuse in the book.

When the topic of politics comes up, they will become extremely defensive.  This will make this the most fun Thanksgiving ever.  Don't listen to the elders who will tell you to go easy on the poor Trumper getting ganged up on.  They deserve every microliter of ridicule about to be fire-hosed their way.  This isn't one of their stupid MLM scams they got caught up in.  This is to elect our President.

From here on, these people need to know their place.  When intellectual adults are talking about politics, business, and other such topics, the children need to remain quiet and go play.  They can no longer be taken seriously.

As Cruz' conservative credibility and influence continue to ferment like a fine wine, ex-Trumpers will be used as examples of what not to do and how not to behave.  These people have solidified their roles in our communities as the fool jester.  They are to be laughed at and ridiculed.  They earned it, and they deserve it.  They supported someone who behaves how we teach children not to behave.

It's very important that we never, ever let these people get away with referring to themselves as "conservative".  They must be checked, reminded, and corrected at every turn.  They did not support small government.  They did not support the Constitution, nor did they promote and preach liberty.  Trump didn't discuss reducing government and how to release the stranglehold government has over our freedoms.

Remind them they supported a guy who is adamantly for universal health care and minimum wage.  If they are pro-life, remind them Trump was strong for partial birth.  If they say Trump's a businessman, ask them what business.  If they say Trump's a billionaire, ask for proof.  If they say Trump is courageous, ask them how his bone spurs are doing.  If they say "but Hillary", just say "but Trump".

We had the most qualified, smartest, and conservative candidate in a long time.  Nobody was or is more capable than Ted Cruz, fact.  Remind the Trumpers that they called him a liar.  They tried to blame him for idiocy proven to be the Trump campaign's doing.  They were led to believe he wasn't eligible for President.  They parroted lie after lie after lie, and never thought to question.

They abandoned a true conservative for Trump.  It's OK if you let these people off the hook, but you at least need to grab them by the scruff of their neck and rub their noses in their own idiocy first.

Clinton is trouncing Donald and leading him in battleground states and turning red states blue, just like every head-to-head poll said she would.  Cruz beat Hillary.  Even Rubio beat Hillary.  Even Kasich beats Hillary.  Everyone beat Hillary, except for Donald.

Good job Trumpers!