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I really like Steve Deace

I go through waves of listening to talk radio.  Some weeks or months, I listen to everyone all day.  Sometimes, I don't listen to anyone.  Mark Levin is always my number one, of course.  I never have to worry about him straying, and if you are a conservative who listens to talk radio, and don't listen to him, then that's just weird.  Steve Deace is now on my talk radio A-team.  Loesch, Erickson, and now Steve Deace are who I've been listening to a lot.  They also, to me, represent us young (please don't laugh) conservatives in our 40s, and even those in their 50s and 60s (40 is the new 20 if you weren't aware), who have been around long enough to see a few election cycles and remember the tail end of "how things were".

Steve Deace (pronounced "Dayce") is really good, and like a Levin, you are smarter after listening to him.