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Have We Lost the Right to Free Speech?

I'm not one to indulge far-fetched conspiracy theories. I often cite Alex Jones and David Icke as being merely sources of entertainment, not to be confused with the sort of insightful analysis and thoroughly-vetted investigations one might expect from the mastheads of *The Federalist*, or the *Washington Examiner*.

However, as a Libertarian, I will tenaciously advocate for the Rights of American citizens to speak freely on ALL topics, no matter how "crazy" or "offensive" those topics may be. Even the Commies deserve last words, after all. All Hoppean humor and helicopter memes aside, to truly have free speech, is to have absolute free speech. For speech, and the ideas it expresses, cannot be constrained by the personal ideals, prejudices and perspectives of any individual or group. To regulate speech is to declare it a privilege, reserved for those ideas and opinions that reflect the accepted norms of the dominant majority, and privileged speech is not free speech.

If Americans cannot even question the validity of rumors that David Hogg and other Parkland survivors are so-called "crisis actors," then we have, both effectively and literally, declared that they are not privy to the protections of the First Amendment. Either they have become second-class citizens, or free speech no longer exists. Given the amount of reasonable evidence to support some of their claims, I see no reason their theories should be given any less credibility than some of the hair-brained lunacy I've seen promoted by actual press outlets regarding our sitting President and his staff.

A willingness to discuss and debate with those of opposing viewpoints indicates confidence in one's ideas. To silence an opponent is to declare that your own argument cannot stand on the basis of its own merit. If we are to be a truly civilized and free Republic, embracing the philosophies and wisdom of those Ancient Greeks and Romans whom our very nation is based upon, we must have the right to voice and challenge all ideas. No idea, no matter how ridiculous, can be refuted without first being discussed.


Danny Wolf is a Libertarian commentator, covering American politics, economics and assorted absurdities, with a dash of humor, no artificial facts added, hold the Marxism.