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Bernie Sanders on Meet The Press

Bernie Sanders is one reason I will miss this campaign when it's over.  The Trump show displaying full incompetence; Hillary playing catch-me-if-you-can over her emails and snatching Bernie's delegates while he's going to the bathroom; Kasich pretending to be above everyone else while Marco is still trouncing him while sitting poolside; Cruz putting on an absolute clinic on how to run and execute a campaign; and my favorite little Marxist, Bernie Sanders.  He captured the hearts of little wide-eyed Marxists all over academia, leading a movement fueled by Starbucks coffee and daddy issues.  The Occupy Wall Street crowd took showers and decided to get into politics to support him.

Sometimes I hear a Republican say something like "I would never vote for Bernie, being a Socialist and all, but I respect him".  Apparently, since he admits to being anti-American, respect is warranted.  He refers to himself as a "socialist", because he doesn't want to be forthright about being a Communist.

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders in college

On Meet The Press this weekend, Chuck Todd tried to make Bernie dance by rolling a few softballs at his feet.  On the first exchange, the issue of gun control came up, and Bernie actually says he only wants to ban guns that are used not for hunting, but used to kill people.  This means your handgun, shotgun, or even that little Taurus Curve your sister keeps in her purse, giving her a chance to neutralize some crazed Bernie supporter looking to play the knockout game with her.  Guns aren't just used for hunting and protecting Senators.  They are fun to shoot and gives smaller, weaker people a chance to defend themselves.  In Marxist-speak, it's making sure everyone is on a level playing field.  I've owned a few guns for a long time, and I've never murdered anyone.  In fact, it never even crossed my mind.  What gun grabbing Communists need to understand is murder is illegal.  If you kill someone, not only will you have a lot of guilt, but you can actually go to jail.  Thankfully, with the Marxists being uprooted during the ongoing TEA wave, they can't mess with the Second Amendment, no matter what Webb Hubbell's daughter says.  Bernie then says he can bridge the communications gap between his rural state where guns are only used for shooting, and urban areas where guns are used for killing unarmed innocent people in gun-free zones.  He says "we don't need to argue at each other and yell at each other", and we can come to compromise.  What is he talking about?  Outside of marriage, who lives their life yelling and arguing?

Next, Todd leads him into race, where Bernie says we need to end institutional racism.  I have no idea what that is.  Not because I haven't searched, but because those who throw the term around have no idea what it means.  He slides into the unemployment problem of young blacks, completely oblivious to how minimum wage and unions, two of his favorite Marxist positions, are the direct culprit to unemployment.  When minimum wage goes up, so does unemployment.  Marxists are the most uninformed people on the planet when it comes to economics.  That's one reason why I fantasize about Bernie winning the nomination and standing next to Cruz on the debate stage in front of the world.  Why, Bernie, why couldn't you secure those delegates?

Todd then leads Bernie into his "top 1%", "Koch brothers", and "billionaires" go-to talking points.  Coffeehouse tip jars all over the country empty out into Bernie's campaign when he's on this OWS roll.  My favorite, though, was when Bernie went full Commie and suggested that cigarettes should not be a "legal product".  He didn't dive right into that, but like any seasoned Communist, he caught himself before he said too much.  But my favorite soundbite was when he said he's losing because poor people don't vote.  It's gold like this that makes me sad to think about this race having to end soon.

There's one major problem with Sanders' theory of voting. Poor people who did vote have rejected him so far. According to the Washington Post, in state contests where network exit polling was conducted, Sanders lost to Clinton among voters making less than $50,000 by 11 percentage points. He lost "middle class" voters ($50,000 - $100,000) by 9 points and those making above $100,000 by 21 points.

Sanders' argument is not a new one. Left-wing politicians often argue that poor people will vote for them and that when they don't, that that represents a vote "against their own interests." Rarely do such politicians talk about trying to educate voters. As Sanders posited, mere increased turnout would improve the prospects of left-wing candidates.

If he does think he's getting the poor vote, then that would indeed explain why he wants to make more poor people.  Bernie, Hillary is indeed a Marxist, but she at least tries to hold it in.  You could learn something from her.