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Banning by Marxists and Liberals

The more we learn about this Las Vegas shooter, the more it looks like he had several options in mind, setting up a possible a chain of horrific events.  I doubt 50lbs of exploding targets would have done much inside a car, you'd have to hit one of them dead on to set it off - who knows what he was thinking, or experimenting with.   But, we can expect the MSM to push for banning exploding targets next.  They actually are fun to shoot, make a bit of noise, and improve your shooting skills.  50lbs sounds like a lot more than it actually is, we're not talking a huge amount - and they're pretty pricey to begin with, who wants to spend a ton of money on something that goes "bang!" instead of ammunition that goes "bang!".  Expect the MSM to push for banning them, because they go "bang!"

IMO, this is not some guy who just "snapped" one day, or ran up a pile of gambling debts and decided to take out his losses on innocent people - that doesn't make any sense at all.   What does look more and more plausible, from his trips overseas, he's been on whatever "track" he's been on, for quite some time - maybe ISIS is actually involved?   It's nearly impossible to put together that arsenal in a week, or even a couple of months, buying from gun shows or private parties.  It takes a LOT of time and research just to figure out what you want, then hunt down the stuff, and then more time trying to find who has it, then actually buy it.   I really doubt he bought all that stuff with this in mind, and banning a certain piece of hardware, "bump stock" or is it "bump-stock" or whatever, wouldn't have stopped him, and certainly isn't going to stop the next guy.

From the places and events this nut was scoping out, he was looking for a big crowd of people.  Liberals & Marxists who love to gather and march on public places, ought to take note, guys like this might be planning carnage on your pussy hat or BLM event.  In which case, it'd be a good idea to "make nice" with the public servants who are trying to protect & save your lives than make it difficult for you.  If you "See a Cop, Thank a Cop" they are indiscriminately saving lives, imagine that!  OK, let's just ban large gatherings of people.  Think of the overtime it'd save the DC police department, and the grief, trying to protect the knuckleheads that are protesting you!?  Then there's the garbage pickup after these Marxists' protests, that'd be a huge savings alone.  Interesting though, the people who love America and assemble in DC, always leave the place spot free, clean, not even a gum wrapper left behind.  Why do the Occupy Idiots always leave such a mess?  Makes great financial sense, ban those that hate America, save tax payer money.

The over-reaction of the MSM and political know-nothings, is just as predictable, but amusing - how little they really know about the American heartland and daily life.  The closest they've gotten to an actual gun might be accidentally driving by a Gun Store or a Walmart.  I bought my first gun at a Woolworth store, one of those clothing stores my sisters loved to shop, like a Sears or JC Penny.  Sears once carried a whole selection Ted Williams branded camping and shooting things, it was just part of middle America.  It never helped the main stream Marxist media to turn reporting into commentary, or for that matter what could be covered in 3 minutes into wall-to-wall, 24hr commentary.   All the time to fill, reporting the facts only takes a minute, they're filling the rest with Marxist agenda items.  With all those guns in Woolworth, Sears & Walmart, why aren't there gun-fights in aisle 6 at high noon?   Shoot-outs at the help desk?  Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to marginalize gun ownership or ban guns, let Hollywood sensationalize  murder - and just let sensible parents teach gun safety & personal responsibility.  Maybe the MSM has unwittingly supplanted 'personal responsibility' with ideological biased commentary, and slip-n-fall lawyer ads, for revenge.   It's never YOUR fault for being an idiot, sue someone, there's enough stupidity to go around in Marxist circles.  Ban the MSM and be done with it, their not reporting the news, wasting electricity, and every word spoken contributes to global warming.

Firearms didn't have this crazy fascination when they were abundant and sold practically everywhere, when I was growing up.  We brought them to school, grade school for show-n-tell.  Even Bill Cosby had a comedy routine about someone throwing a bullet in the furnace, and the insult to his mom to get the truth out.  Now that the MSM has over-sensationalized what was common place through movies and biased commentary - the mere mention of the word "gun" or "bullet" drives everyone to instant Red Alert.  "OMG!!  What happened now?", before a single fact is known.  We weren't a bunch of midwestern simpletons who just discovered how dangerous guns in the wrong hands were - the MSM are the dunces who cannot connect the dots, and keep feeding this notion, guns are dangerous... it's the individual on the trigger end who's dangerous.  Ban idiots, right?  We joke about the most said 'last words', hey guys, "Hold my beer and watch this!!!"   Here's a secret the MSM doesn't know, they're the real idiots, "Hey guys, hold my microphone, I'm going live on camera!!!"

Well... ban them too.  They've been corrupted so badly, what's the point.  We don't even call them "news" anymore.  All they spread is "hate America first".  Ban the MSM.

The less guns are mainstream and marginalized, the more they become abused through lack of knowledge.   One conversation, a gentleman was claiming the gun manufacturers were "Funding the NRA".  Obviously, the poor guy is ignorant, not realizing the NRA charges quite a healthy sum of money for membership, which still ranks in the Millions of persons.  I guess he'd like to pass a law overturning the First Amendment too: 

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

If he really wanted to see the NRA fail, just DEFUND them, don't buy a membership - because an outright BAN on the NRA is clearly unconstitutional.  Where did this ignorant fool get this idea - probably watching TV or listening to National Public Radio.   Wait a second...  Why are we FUNDING anti-American broadcast activity?  Just defund NPR, we don't have to ban NPR, let the Marxists pay their own way.   Like George Soros folks pouring money into the NFL protests, they don't need our viewership, and those advertisers don't need us either.   Since they want to 'assemble on a football field' let them, on their own dime, we don't need to ban football.  They can pay their own way, all the way.  I got grass to mow.  

We don't need to ban anything, just let the Marxists blow their hard earned Capitalist cash on stuff nobody listens or watches, and if they make a mess protesting, just send their employers the bill for cleanup.  That's what it's like to bring them out of the shadows.  Why ban them, when we can bill them?